Accessibility and Active Offer

Accessibility and Active Offer

Health Care and Social Services in Linguistic Minority Communities

Edited by: Marie Drolet, Pier Bouchard, Jacinthe Savard

454 Pages · 9x6 · November 1 2017

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It is imperative that we train leaders who are able to intervene efficiently with service users and to support a better organization of the workplace. It is especially important to look at the many issues related to postsecondary training and human resources, such as recruiting and keeping these leading professionals. Accessibility and Active Offer thus combines theory and empirical data to help future professionals understand the workplace issues of accessibility and active offer of minority-language services.

This English-language adaptation of Accessibilité et offre active features an additional chapter by Richard Bourhis on issues specific to Anglophone communities in Québec.

This multidisciplinary collective work is the first to unite researchers in health, social work, sociology, political science, public administration, law and education, in order to gain more thorough knowledge of linguistic issues in health and social services, as well as of active offer of French-language services.
Liste of Figures and Tables Abbreviations Introduction: Social Services and Health Services in Minority-Language Communities: Towards an Understanding of the Actors, the System, and the Levers of Action Marie Drolet, Pier Bouchard, Jacinthe Savard, and Solange van Kemenade PART I. ENGAGING ACTORS: PUTTING THE STRATEGIC ANALYSIS TO THE TEST Chapter 1 Active Offer, Actors, and the Health and Social Service System: An Analytical Framework Sylvain Vézina, and Sébastien Savard Chapter 2 Engaging Future Professionals in the Promotion of Active Offer for a Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate System Pier Bouchard, Sylvain Vézina, Manon Cormier, and Marie-Josée Laforge PART II. POLICY LEVERS AND LEGAL MEASURES: THE INTERPLAY OF ACTORS Chapter 3 French-Language Health Services in Canada: The State of the Law Pierre Foucher Chapter 4 The Co-Construction of the Active Offer of French-Language Services in Ontario’s Justice Sector Linda Cardinal, and Nathalie Plante PART III. ACCESSIBILITY AND THE ACTIVE OFFER OF FRENCH-LANGUAGE SERVICES Chapter 5 The Health of Francophone Seniors Living in Minority Communities in Canada: Issues and Needs Louise Bouchard, and Martin Desmeules Chapter 6 The Experience of Francophones in Eastern Ontario: The Importance of Key Facilitators (Service Users and Providers) and the Influence of Structures Supporting the Health and Social Services System Marie Drolet, Jacinthe Savard, Sébastien Savard, Josée Lagacé,Isabelle Arcand, Lucy-Ann Kubina, and Josée Benoît Chapter 7 Offering Health Services in French: Between Obstacles and Favourable Factors in Anglophone Hospital Settings Éric Forgues, Boniface Bahi, and Jacques Michaud PART IV. BILINGUALISM AND THE ACTIVE OFFER OF FRENCH-LANGUAGE SERVICES Chapter 8 Issues and Challenges in Providing Services in the Minority Language: The Experience of Bilingual Professionals in the Health and Social Service Network Danielle de Moissac, and Marie Drolet, in collaboration with Jacinthe Savard, Sébastien Savard, Florette Giasson, Josée Benoît, Isabelle Arcand, Josée Lagacé, and Claire-Jehanne Dubouloz Chapter 9 Recruitment and Retention of Bilingual Health and Social Service Professionals in Francophone Minority Communities in Winnipeg and Ottawa Sébastien Savard, Danielle de Moissac, Josée Benoît, Halimatou Ba, Faïçal Zellama, Florette Giasson, and Marie Drolet Chapter 10 Active Offer, Bilingualism, and Organizational Culture Sylvain Vézina PART V. ISSUES AND STRATEGIES IN EDUCATING FUTURE PROFESSIONALS Chapter 11 Teaching Active Offer: Proposal for an Educational Framework for Professors Claire-Jehanne Dubouloz, Josée Benoît, Jacinthe Savard, Paulette Guitard, and Kate Bigney Chapter 12 Behaviours Demonstrating Active Offer: Identification, Measurement, and Determinants Jacinthe Savard, Lynn Casimiro, Pier Bouchard, and Josée Benoît Chapter Appendix: Active Offer of Social and Health Services in French, Version 1.0 Chapter 13 The Necessity for Normalized Tests for Speech, Language, and Hearing Assessment of Young Francophone Children Living in Linguistic Minority Settings: Myth or Reality? Josée Lagacé, and Pascal Lefebvre Chapter 14 Bilingual Health Care in Quebec: Public Policy, Vitality, and Acculturation Issues Richard Y. Bourhis Conclusion: New Insights into Safe, Quality Services in Official Language Minority Communities Pier Bouchard, Jacinthe Savard, Sébastien Savard, Sylvain Vézina, and Marie Drolet Contributors