Alice Munro’s Miraculous Art

Alice Munro’s Miraculous Art

Critical Essays

Edited by: Janice Fiamengo, Gerald Lynch

320 Pages · 9x6 · February 28 2017

Paper ISBN: 9780776624334

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ePub ISBN: 9780776624358

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Alice Munro’s Miraculous Art is a collection of sixteen original essays on Nobel laureate Alice Munro’s writings. The volume covers the entirety of Munro’s career, from the first stories she published in the early 1950s as an undergraduate at the University of Western Ontario to her final books. It offers an enlightening range of approaches and interpretive strategies, and provides many new perspectives, reconsidered positions and analyses that will enhance the reading, teaching, and appreciation of Munro’s remarkable—indeed miraculous—work.

Following the editors’ introduction—which surveys Munro’s recurrent themes, explains the design of the book, and summarizes each contribution—Munro biographer Robert Thacker contributes a substantial bio-critical introduction to her career. The book is then divided into three sections, focusing on Munro’s characteristic forms, themes, and most notable literary effects.


Janice Fiamengo and Gerald Lynch’s edited collection of
essays on Alice Munro brings together a number of rigorous pieces from scholars
across the country on one of Canada’s best writers....Taken together, the
essays collected in Alice Munro’s Miraculous Art make an
important addition to the substantial corpus of literary criticism on Munro,
incorporating new and important perspectives on the beloved Canadian short
story writer.

Laura K. Davis

Alice Munro's Miraculous Art amply illustrates the complexity, multi-layeredness and ambiguities of Munro's work because (not in spite) of this narrow frame - with not a "defensive tone" to speak of. 

Marion Rankine