From Academics to Zombies

Sous la direction de : Robert Smith?

352 pages · 9.00x6.00 · 8 octobre 2011

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ul { list-style-type: none; }Introduction
  • Robert Smith? (University of Ottawa)
Fitting the Theory to the Facts
  • John Seavey (
What Feminism Has to Say About World War Z
  •  Jen Rinaldi (York University)
The Zombie Threat to Democracy
  • Adam Smith (Brandeis University)
Classification and Causation of Zombification, and Guidelines for Risk Reduction and Management
  • Tony Contento (Iowa State University)
Zombie Instructors: A Career Made Flesh
  • Kate Small and Robert Smith?
Aim for the Head
  • Arnold T. Blumberg (University of Baltimore & University of Maryland Baltimore County)
Cultural Narratives of Blood
  • Marina Levina (University of Memphis)
Maintaining Academic Library Services during the Zombie Apocalypse
  • Sarah McHone-Chase and Lynne M. Thomas (Northern Illinois University)
Zombies on Broadway
  • Anthony Wilson
Reclaiming Public Spaces through the Performance of the Zombie Walk
  • Sasha Cocarla (University of Ottawa)
A Preliminary Report on the First Excavation Season at Zombie Assault Site UK546, Newport, South Wales
  • Melissa Beattie (Cardiff University)
Strategic Intelligence Analysis of a Zombie Attack
  • Harris DeLeeuw
Evolution of the Modern Zombie
  • Philip Munz and Philippe P. Vachon (Carleton University)
Dawn of the Shopping Dead
  • Matt Bailey (Macquarie University, Australia)
And the Dead Shall Walk, but How?
  • Anthony Tongen, Caitlin V. Johnson and Sean M. Francis (James Madison University)
Zombie Grrls on and off Screen
  • Natasha Patterson (Simon Fraser University)
American History Z
  • Daniel Changer
Zombies, Disability and the Law
  • Julia Grugson-Wood (York University)
The Zombie Paradigm
  • Helen Kang (Simon Fraser University)
Diary of a Landscape Architect
  • Lisa MacDonald