Canada and the Challenges of International Development and Globalization

Canada and the Challenges of International Development and Globalization

Edited by: Mahmoud Masaeli, Lauchlan T. Munro

402 Pages · 10x7 · August 28 2018

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What are Canada’s various links with international development and globalization? They extend beyond foreign aid to diplomacy, trade, finance, aid, immigration, military intervention (both peacekeeping and combat roles), membership in a variety of international organizations, relations with indigenous peoples, and people-to-people links.

This multi-disciplinary and multi-author textbook, designed for first- or second-year students, introduces the main concepts, theories, and perspectives that have shaped Canada’s interactions with developing countries in a globalizing world. It starts by considering Canada as a case study in international development and globalization. It examines Canada’s diplomatic, economic, military, social, immigration and aid policies, how they have changed over time and how they have interacted with each other and with Canada’s treatment of Indigenous peoples. The book presents economic, political, and cultural dimensions of the process of globalization and the ways they affect Canada; examines the public institutions, private sector and civil society organizations in Canada; and explores the moral imperatives behind Canadian international policy. Finally, it examines current issues, including Canada’s promotion of human rights, democracy, good governance, support to the private sector, and relations with fragile and conflict-affected states and the emerging economies.

Mahmoud Masaeli and Lauchlan T. Munro

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Notes for Students, Professors, and Teaching Assistants 
Lauchlan T. Munro

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Part I - Introduction: Basic Concepts 
Chapter 1: Canada as an Example of International Development and Globalization 
Lauchlan T. Munro

Chapter 2: International Development:
An Overview of Definitions, Historical Evolution, and Debates
Mahmoud Masaeli

Chapter 3: Globalization:
Definitions, Debates, and Relation to International Development
Stephen McBride and Stephanie Tombari

Part II - Canada and the Developing Countries since 1945
Chapter 4: Canada’s Aid Program since 1945
Hunter McGill

Chapter 5: Canada’s Military and the Developing Countries since 1945 
Casey Brunelle

Chapter 6: Canadian Immigration and Refugee Policies since 1945 
Bruno Gélinas-Faucher and Delphine Nakache

Chapter 7: Development and Globalization: The Role of Canadian Civil Society 
Ian Smillie, with Julia Sánchez

Chapter 8: Canada, Quebec, and La Francophonie 
Pierre Beaudet

Chapter 9: Challenging the Colonialism at the Heart of Western Development:
A Decolonizing Perspective
Tracy Coates, Kathlean Fitzpatrick, Trycia Bazinet, Rodney Nelson

Chapter 10: Development Colonialism in a Canadian Context 
Tracy Coates, Rodney Nelson, Kathlean Fitzpatrick

Part III - Current Issues
Chapter 11: A Canadian Way to Promote Democracy Abroad?
Lessons from an Abortive Experiment
Gerd Schönwälder

Chapter 12: Canada’s Aid Program and the Private Sector
Shannon Kindornay and Fraser Reilly-King

Chapter 13: Canada and the “Emerging Economies”: Not Aid, But Not Just Trade
Syed Sajjadur Rahman

Chapter 14: Canada and the Security-Development Nexus in Fragile
and Conflict-affected States/Situations
Stephen Baranyi

Part IV - Ethical Issues and Globality
Chapter 15: Our Role: A Moral Case for Helping or an Ethical Duty to Strive for Justice?
Mahmoud Masaeli

Part V - Case Studies in Canada’s Engagement with the Developing Countries
Case study 1: Canada and the Shaping of the International Order, 1942–2017 313
Lauchlan T. Munro

Case study 2: Canada and South Africa under Apartheid
Stanley Uche Anozie

Case study 3: Canada and the Responsibility to Protect
Omid B. Milani

Case study 4: Canada and Afghanistan
Salamat Ali Tabbasum

Case study 5: The Ebbs and Flows of Canada’s Multilateral Commitments since 1945
Katelyn L.H. Cassin

Case study 6: Canada’s Scientific Cooperation with Developing Countries
Bruce Currie-Alder

Case study 7: Canada and the International Criminal Court
Omid B. Milani

Case study 8: Canada and Climate Change
John M.R. Stone

Case study 9: Canada and the Arctic
Ketevan Tadiashvili

Case study 10: Canada and the Middle East
Laura Grant and Taryn Husband-Ceperkovic

Case study 11: Overseas Volunteering and Voluntourism
Lauchlan T. Munro

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