An Anthology of Hispanic Canadian Short Stories

Edited by: Julio Torres-Recinos, Luis Molina Lora

Revised by: Hugh Hazelton

316 Pages · 8x5 · December 5 2013

Paper ISBN: 9780776608099

PDF ISBN: 9780776621203

ePub ISBN: 9780776621210

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The Past and Present of Hispanic Canadian Literature: An Overview
A Look into Cloudburst: The Central Themes

Martha Bàtiz Zuk

  • The First Cup of Coffee
  • Sweet Valeria

Nohora Viviana Cardona

  • The Faker
  • Alfred's Admirer

Diego Creimer

  • The Meeting

Ramón De Elía

  • Twelve Nights

Gabriela Etcheverry

  • The Photographer
  • Nightmare

Jorge Etcheverry

  • When We Crossed Over to the Parallel City
  • Metamorphosis II
  • Disciplation

Enrique Fernández

  • The Doll
  • The Tortoise's Hole

Gilberto Flores Patiño

  • The Knitters of Time
  • The Legend of the Snow

Anita Junge-Hammersley

  • Closing the Loop
  • Cultural Carnival

Luis Molina Lora

  • Gauguin's Imaginary Women
  • The Canadian Toy

Ángel Mota

  • The Birds of Djerba
  • The Woman with Three Husbands

Felipe Quetzalcóatl Quintanilla

  • Rainy Night
  • From the Thirteenth Floor of a Third-World Building

Camila Reimers

  • The Metamorphosis of the Panther

Nela Rio

  • Carlota, Always
  • Leopolda, Don't Forget Me
  • The Paralyzed Hour

Carmen Rodríguez

  • In the Company of Words
  • Breaking the Ice

David Rozotto

  • Parting
  • Counterfeit Hero

Pablo Salinas

  • A Brief Account of the New World
  • A Trip to Lima

Alejandro Saravia

  • The Bears of Port Churchill
  • Songs from Oruro

Borka Sattler

  • Anita Brown

Ramón M. Sepúlveda

  • The Tigress at the Conference
  • The Language Teacher

Óscar Armando Tobar

  • Wheelchair Love
  • Black Serpent

Julio Torres-Recinos

  • With Aurora After
  • Tristán

Postface: Translating Spanish Polyphony