Donc je suis

Donc je suis

By Maurice Henrie

200 Pages · 8x5 · September 26 2018

Paper ISBN: 9782760327238

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Writing, for Henrie, rhymes with musing, and with existing. Short, succinct and intense, these twenty-five philosophical essays intertwine contemplation, opinion, and memory, splendidly crowned with epigraphs foraged from world literature. They reflect an existential urgency to immortalize thought in black and white, a restlessness barely concealed by the hand that holds the pen, defying the passage of time. 

From one essay to the next, Henrie explores the subjects dearest to him: the ageing of the mind, acceptance of those laws of nature that determine our destinies, theories of opacity, hardness and acoustics, and the struggle against the scattering of the being. 

The author also voices his opinion on more contemporary topics, such as the hall-of-fame phenomenon, robotics and society, and the mystery that is art appreciation. He is particularly clear-sighted in his observations regarding meritocracy and plight of artists in society, particularly that of writers. 

Donc je suis is a remarkable work, where imagination and philosophical contemplation meet in a dream-like state. Best enjoyed by the light of a flickering candle…

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