eGirls, eCitizens

eGirls, eCitizens

Edited by: Jane Bailey, Valerie Steeves

518 Pages · 9x6 · April 23 2015

Paper ISBN: 9780776622576

PDF ISBN: 9780776622590

ePub ISBN: 9780776622583

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eGirls, eCitizens
Introduction: Cyber-Utopia? Getting Beyond the Binary Notion of Technology as Good or Bad for Girls
    Jane Bailey and Valerie Steeves

Part I: It’s Not That Simple: Complicating Girls’ Experiences on Social Media

  1. A Perfect Storm: How the Online Environment, Social Norms, and Law Shape Girls’ Lives
    Jane Bailey
  2. Revisiting Cyberfeminism: Theory as a Tool for Understanding Young Women’s Experiences
    Trevor Scott Milford
  3. Thinking Beyond the Internet as a Tool: Girls’ Online Spaces as Postfeminist Structures of Surveillance
    Akane Kanai

Part II: Living in a Gendered Gaze

  1. The Internet and Friendship Seeking: Exploring the Role of Online Communication in Young, Recently Immigrated Women’s Social Lives
    Assumpta Ndengeyingoma
  2. “She’s Just a Small Town Girl, Living in an Online World”: Differences and Similarities between Urban and Rural Girls’ Use of and Views about Online Social Networking
    Jacquelyn Burkell and Madelaine Saginur
  3. “Pretty and Just a Little Bit Sexy, I Guess”: Publicity, Privacy, and the Pressure to Perform “Appropriate” Feminity on Social Media
    Valerie Steeves
  4. Girls and Online Drama: Aggression, Surveillance, or Entertainment?
    Priscilla M. Regan and Diana L. Sweet
  5. BBM Is Like Social Networking and the Digital Mediation of Teens’ Sexual Cultures
    Jessica Ringrose and Laura Harvey

Part III: Dealing with Sexualized Violence

  1. Rape Threats and Revenge Porn: Defining Sexual Violence in the Digital Age
    Jordan Fairbairn
  2. Motion to Dismiss: Bias Crime, Online Communication, and the Sex Lives of Others in NJ v. Ravi
    Andrea Slane
  3. Defining the Legal Lines: eGirls and Intimate Images
    Shaheen Shariff and Ashley DeMartini
  4. “She’s Such a Slut!”: The Sexualized Cyberbullying of Teen Girls and the Education Law Response
    Gillian Angrove

Part IV: eGirls, eCitizens

  1. Digital Literacy and Digital Citizenship: Approaches to Girls’ Online Experiences
    Matthew Johnson
  2. Security and Insecurity Online: Perspectives from Girls and Young Women
    Sarah Heath
  3. Transformative Works: Young Women’s Voices on Fandom and Fair Use
    Betsy Rosenblatt and Rebecca Tushnet
  4. I Want My Internet! Young Women on the Politics of Usage-Based Billing
    Leslie Regan Shade
Conclusion: Looking Forward
    Jane Bailey and Valerie Steeves


Foreword Reviews’ 2015 INDIEFAB Book of the Year Award - Social Sciences, US, 2016