Equity, diversity, and inclusion

PUO-UOP is dedicated to making the world a better place by fostering and celebrating excellence, equity, diversity and inclusiveness within our publications, our organization, and our community.

How we’re doing this

  1. We’re engaging knowledgeable experts from different walks of life enrich our decision-making processes;
  2. We’re creating equitable conditions for all members of our research community;
  3. We’re promoting openness to different voices, ideas, perspectives, and approaches;
  4. We uphold critical thought and freedom of expression as much as respect and courtesy;
  5. We produce and apply inclusive and non-biased style guides;
  6. We are strengthening our framework for equity, diversity and inclusiveness to ensure these fundamental governing principles are translated into action;
  7. By working on implementing the University of Ottawa’s Office of Vice-President Research and Innovation EDI Action Plan;
  8. By taking advantage of training opportunities within the publishing community and elsewhere.

Underrepresented groups within our community

Within its commitment to diversity, the University of Ottawa has prioritized five groups traditionally underrepresented in research. These groups are made up of people who identify as:

Ideas on how to make the world a more equitable, diverse, and inclusive place? Write us!