Editorial board

The Editorial board is responsible for the PUO-UOP imprint and approves all books published by our press. In addition to reviewing publishing proposals, the Editorial board reviews and participates in the formulation of PUO-UOP editorial policy and provides guidance and support on acquisitions.

  • Chair: Pierre Anctil
  • Nadia Abu-Zahra
  • Carole Fleuret
  • Adrian Harewood
  • Catherine Lachaîne
  • Mark Salter
  • Marie-Claude Thifault
  • Lara Mainville

Scholarly publications

Our academic publications series are governed by series editor, who usually works with an editorial committee.

Academic series

  • 21e – Society, History, and Culture. Series editors: Martin Meunier and Marie-Claude Thifault;
  • Canadian Literature Collection. Series editors: Dean Irvine and Ruth Panofsky;
  • Education. Series editors: Nicholas Ng-A-Fook and Carole Fleuret;
  • Canadian Studies. Series editor: Pierre Anctil;
  • Media, Technology, and Law. Series editor: Michael Geist;
  • Politics and Public Policy. Series editor: Geneviève Tellier;
  • Health and Society. Series editor: Vacant;
  • Slavic Studies. Series editor: Richard Sokoloski.
  • Amérique française (copublication with the Centre de recherche sur les francophonies canadiennes). Series editor: Michel Bock;
  • Archives des lettres canadiennes (copublication with the Centre de recherche sur les francophonies canadiennes). Series editor: Lucie Hotte; and
  • Mercury Series (copublication with the Canadian Museum of History). Series editor: Pierre Desrosiers.


Literary publications

Our literary program is governed by an editorial board specialized in literary works. Nominations will be announced shortly.

Advisory board

The Advisory Board supports the director in the strategic direction and sound management of the Press : strategic plan, outreach, financial sustainability, operational efficiencies, knowledge dissemination, and pedagogical and research needs.