We’re pleased to see our authors being quoted in other publications, and our policy is to grant permission whenever possible, as quickly as possible.

Permissions must be secured to reproduce excerpts of all PUO-UOP publications, except in the case of open access titles. 

Permissions Requests

Please submit your request using the PUO-UOP Permissions request form or your publisher’s form and submit to:

Please note there is a small fee associated with permissions except in the case of open access titles. 

Kindly identify the source of the excerpt you will be using, as follows: 
“Reproduced with permission from the University of Ottawa Press.”

Permissions relating to open access titles

Permissions are not required for open access titles, if reserved for non-commercial use.

Under the Creative Commons licence, you can:

  • read and store this document free of charge;
  • distribute it for personal use free of charge;
  • print sections of the work for personal use;
  • read or perform parts of the work in a context where no financial transactions take place.

Under the Creative Commons licence, you may not:

  • gain financially from the work in any way;
  • sell the work or seek monies in relation to the distribution of the work;
  • use the work in any commercial activity of any kind;
  • profit a third party indirectly via use or distribution of the work;
  • distribute in or through a commercial body (with the exception of academic usage within educational institutions such as schools and universities);
  • reproduce, distribute, or store the cover image outside of its function as a cover of this work;
  • alter or build on the work outside of normal academic scholarship.
  • Cover Art: The artwork on the cover of this book is not open access and falls under traditional copyright provisions; it cannot be reproduced in any way without written permission of the artists and their agents. The cover can be displayed as a complete cover image for the purposes of publicizing this work, but the artwork cannot be extracted from the context of the cover of this specific work without breaching the artist’s copyright.