The Governor General’s Literary Awards of Canada

The Governor General’s Literary Awards of Canada

A Bibliography

By Andrew David Irvine

460 Pages · 9x6 · November 27 2018

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The definitive bibliography of Canada’s Governor General’s Literary Awards

Alice Munro, Michael Ondaatje, Margaret Atwood, Antonine Maillet, Carol Shields, Marie-Claire Blais, Gilles Vigneault… 

For over three quarters of a century, the Governor General’s Literary Awards have been instrumental in recognizing many of Canada’s best authors, illustrators and translators. The result is impressive: between 1936 and 2017, 705 titles have been recognized with this prestigious award.

With careful attention to detail, Andrew Irvine presents the history and evolution of the Awards and extols their importance for the careers of authors, illustrators and translators, as well as for the development of Canada’s national literature.

The heart of the book contains the first comprehensive bibliography of the awards, including the first list of winning books organized according to their historically correct award categories; information about five books wrongly omitted from previous lists of winning titles; detailed information about award ceremonies, film adaptations and jury members; and other key information. 

This is a seminal work that belongs on the shelf of every scholar and every lover of Canadian literature.
List of Tables 
Note to Reader 
Award Categories 
Award Ceremonies 
Awards and Prizes 
English-Language Awards 
French-Language Awards 1
Index of Names 
Index of Titles 


This is an impressive work of scholarship, formidable in detail and unrivalled in its precise use of archival and other primary sources. It eclipses all prior attempts at describing the GGs and will not easily be surpassed; on the contrary, it will serve as the starting point for all subsequent work on this important award cherished by Canadians.

Eli MacLaren

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