Challenging Canada’s Game – Au-delà du sport national

Sous la direction de : Jenny Ellison, Jennifer Anderson

336 pages · 9.5x6.75 · 25 avril 2018

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Comprend un chapitre en français.

Le hockey est le sport des Canadiens Les expériences et les souvenirs que nous partageons – lacer ses patins pour la toute première fois, jouer une partie de hockey de rue, le but historique marqué par Sidney Crosby, ou celui de Maurice Richard – font du hockey bien plus qu’un sport. Bien que le lien entre hockey et identité nationale ait été étudié, il faut s’interroger sur la place qu’occupe ce sport dans notre compréhension des identités canadiennes diverses et multiples d’aujourd’hui. Cet ouvrage interdisciplinaire explore le hockey tant comme sport professionnel qu’amateur, depuis une approche tantôt historique, tantôt actuelle, en lien avec des problématiques en Études canadiennes, dont le genre, la race et l’ethnicité, la compétence, la sexualité, la géographique, et lance une réflexion sur les divers aspects du hockey dans la vie des Canadiens : le jeu, les supporters, la radiodiffusion, l’activisme communautaire. 

Cet ouvrage complète l’exposition de « Hockey : Plus qu’un simple jeu », présentée par le Musée canadien de l’histoire. 


List of Figures


Chantal Machabée

Challenging Hockey
Jenny Ellison and Jennifer Anderson, Editors
More Than Just A Game
Canada’s Game?
Challenging Hockey

Hockey: More Than Just a Game
Images from the Canadian Museum of History Exhibition,
March-October 2017

Debating Hockey’s Origins

Chapter 1
A Flag of Tendons: Hockey and Canadian History
Andrew C. Holman
Hockey History
A Metaphor for Canadian History
A Source of Unity, a Mirror of Divisions
Taking Hockey Seriously

Chapter 2
Re-Imagining the Creation: Popular Mythology, the Mi’kmaq,
and the Origins of Canadian Hockey
Paul W. Bennett
The Invented Tradition
The “Family Squabble” over Hockey’s Origins
Origins of the Game––Widening the Lens
The Mi’kmaw Claim––from Duwarken to Hurley on Ice
The King’s College Hockey Tradition––Real or Imagined?
Passion for the Game––a Canadian Tradition
The Wisdom of “Two-Eyed Seeing”

Chapter 3
Imagining a Canadian Identity through Sport: An Historical
Interpretation of Lacrosse and Hockey
Michael A. Robidoux
The Process of Modernization
Resisting an Imported Canadian Identity
Sport Sensibilities in Conflict
Violence, Masculinism, and Canadian Identity

Document 1
Excerpts from The Survivors Speak: A Report of the Truth and Reconciliation
Commission of Canada (2015)
1. Name Redacted, Key First Nation, Saskatchewan
2. Doug Beardy, Thunder Bay, Ontario
3. Mervin Mirasty, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
4. Robert Malcolm, Winnipeg, Manitoba
5. Christina Kimball, Winnipeg, Manitoba
6. Paul Andrew, Inuvik, Northwest Territories
7. John Kistabish, Montreal, Quebec
8. Albert Fiddler, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
9. Orval Commanda, Spanish, Ontario
10. William Antoine, Little Current, Ontario
11. Roddy Soosay, Hobbema, Alberta
12. Fred Sasakamoose


Document 2
In the Beginning Was the Sweater: L’abominable feuille d’érable of Ste-Justine
John Willis
Sainte-Justine, Quebec
Selling the NHL
Sainte-Justine in the Late 1940s

Chapter 4
Decolonizing the Hockey Novel: Ambivalence and Apotheosis
in Richard Wagamese’s Indian Horse
Sam McKegney and Trevor J. Phillips
Indigenous Ambivalence and Settler Belonging through Hockey
The False Promise of Inclusion
From Ambivalence to Apotheosis: Individual Achievement and Communal
Conclusion: To Transform a Game, Not an Individual

Chapter 5
“Here they come! Look them over!”: Youth, Citizenship,
and the Emergence of Minor Hockey in Canada
Carly Adams and Jason Laurendeau
(Minor) Hockey Scholarship
Children, Childhood, and Nation-Building
The Development and Commercialization of Minor Hockey
“Aiding the Youth of Our Nation”

Chapter 6
A Myth within a Myth: “Outdoor Shinny” as the Nursery
for Canada’s National Game
Robert Rutherdale
Placing Outdoor Hockey’s Symbolic Appeal in Historical Context
Assessments of the Outdoor Rink in Life, Writing and Memory
Community Fatherhood and Memories of the “Zukeadome”
The Symbolic Appeal of Outdoor Ice and Canada’s National Game

Whose Game?

Document 3
Skating in the Drainage Ditches
Hayley Wickenheiser

Document 4
Tyrone’s Story
Emily Sadler

Chapter 7
Thirty Years of “Going Global”: Women’s International Hockey,
Cultural Diplomacy, and the Pursuit of Excellence
Julie Stevens
Cultural Relations, Cultural Diplomacy, and Hockey
How Did We Get Here (2018) From There (1987)?
Fran Rider
Performing on the World Stage
Carla MacLeod
Sarah Murray
Welcoming the World
Shannon Miller
Danielle Goyette
From National Team to Hockey Programs
Margot Page
Laura Rollins
Lindsay McAlpine
Community and Competition within Women’s International Hockey
Hayley Wickenheiser

Chapter 8
Women’s Recreational Hockey: A New Player Profile
Denyse Lafrance Horning
Review of Women’s Hockey Literature
Women’s Recreational Hockey
Player Profiles
Key Influencers
Benefits and Challenges of Play
Interaction among Player Cohorts
Promote Women’s Hockey
Focus on Skill Development
Improve Ice-Time Accessibility
Restructure Leagues to Expand Participation Options
Cultivate a Supportive Female Hockey Community

Reporting Hockey

Document 5
Hockey in New Media
Joe Pelletier

Chapter 9
O Canada, We Stand On Guard For Thee: Representations of Canadian
Hockey Players in the Swedish Press, 1920–2016
Tobias Stark
Analytical Considerations
The Pioneering Years, 1920–1939
The Cold War Era, 1945–1989
Curtain Fall, 1989–2016

Chapter 10
The Hockey Night in Canada Punjabi Broadcast:
A Case Study in Ethnic Sports Media
Courtney Szto and Richard Gruneau
Hockey Night(s) in Canada
Ethnic (Sports) Media
Hockey Night Canada in Punjabi: From the Sidelines to Centre Stage
“Bonino Bonino Bonino!”
Ethnic Sports Media: Lessons Learned

Chapter 11
Taking Slap Shots at the House: When the Canadian Media
Turn Curlers into Hockey Players
Kristi A. Allain
National Identity and the Reproduction of Canadian Hockey Masculinity
Canadian Hockey Masculinity and the Transformation of Curling
The Problem of Narrowing Canadian Sports Masculinities

Chapter 12
Tweeting Sexism and Homophobia: Gender and Sexuality in the
Digital Lives of Male Major Midget AAA Hockey Players in Canada
Cheryl A. MacDonald
The Broader Study
The Social-Media Content Analysis

Rethinking the Pros

Document 6
Maurice Richard : notre icône
Benoît Melançon

Document 7
Joseph Cletus (Joe) Malone, 1890-1969
Marc Durand

Chapter 13
Trust and Antitrust: The Failure of the First National Hockey League
Players’ Association, 1956–1958
J. Andrew Ross
More than a Game, a Business
A Resurgence of Athlete Activism
Not Out “to make trouble”
Congress and the Courts
The End
Legal citations

Chapitre 14
Eric Lindros et les Nordiques de Québec : deux solitudes ?
Laurent Turcot
Un jeune prodige
Le repêchage de 1991
Un dossier qui se politise

Chapter 15
Whiteness and Hockey in Canada: Lessons from Semi-Structured
Interviews with Retired Professional Players
Nathan Kalman-Lamb
Canada, Multiculturalism, and Whiteness
Sport, Race, and Whiteness in Canada
Hockey, Whiteness, and the Disavowal of Race(ism)
Racism and Violence in Canadian Hockey