Home Ground and Foreign Territory

Home Ground and Foreign Territory

Essays on Early Canadian Literature

Edited by: Janice Fiamengo

308 Pages · 9x6 · April 3 2014

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Home Ground and Foreign Territory is an original collection of essays on early Canadian literature in English. Aiming to be both provocative and scholarly, it encompasses a variety of (sometimes opposing) perspectives, subjects, and methods, with the aim of reassessing the field, unearthing neglected texts, and proposing new approaches to canonical authors. Renowned experts in early Canadian literary studies, including D.M.R. Bentley, Mary Jane Edwards, and Carole Gerson, join emerging scholars in a collection distinguished by its clarity of argument and breadth of reference. Together, the essays offer bold and informative contributions to the study of this dynamic literature.

Home Ground and Foreign Territory reaches out far beyond the scope of early Canadian literature. Its multi-disciplinary approach innovates literal studies and appeals to literature specialists and general readership alike.

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Introduction: Home Ground and Foreign Territory

  • Janice Fiamengo
Reflections on the Situation and Study of Early Canadian Literature in the Long Confederation Period
  • D. M. R. Bentley
Periodicals First: The Beginnings of Susanna Moodie’s Roughing It in the Bush and Pauline Johnson’s Legends of Vancouver
  • Carole Gerson
Rediscovering Re(Dis)covering: Back to the Second-Wave Feminist Future
  • Cecily Devereux
Lady Audley’s Secret versus The Abbot: Reconsidering the Form of Canadian Historical Fiction through the Content of Library Catalogues
  • Andrea Cabajsky
“Not Legitimately Gothic”: Spiritualism and Early Canadian Literature
  • Thomas Hodd
The Canadian Canon, Being “On the Other Side of the Latch” and Sara Jeannette Duncan’s Anglo-Indian Memoir
  • Christa Zeller Thomas
The Duelling Authors: Settler Imperatives and Agnes Laut’s Denigration of Pierre Falcon
  • Albert Braz
Anna’s Monuments: The Work of Mourning, the Gender of Melancholia and Canadian Women’s War Writing
  • Joel Baetz
Hidden Hunger: Early Canadian Women Poets
  • Wanda Campbell
Judging by Appearances: Thomas Chandler Haliburton and the Ontology of Early Canadian Spirits
  • Cynthia Sugars
Hallowed Spaces/Public Places: Women’s Literary Voices and The Acadian Recorder 1850–1870
  • Ceilidh Hart
Who’s In and Who’s Out: Recovering Minor Authors and the Pesky Question of Critical Evaluation
  • Jennifer Chambers
Texts and Contexts: CEECT’s Scholarly Editions
  • Mary Jane Edwards