Identity Theft and Fraud

Identity Theft and Fraud

Evaluating and Managing Risk

By Norm Archer , Susan Sproule , Yufei Yuan , Ken Guo , Junlian Xiang

368 Pages · 8x5 · June 30 2012

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Personal data is increasingly being exchanged and stored by electronic means, making businesses, organizations and individuals more vulnerable than ever to identity theft and fraud. This book provides a practical and accessible guide to identity theft and fraud using a risk management approach. It outlines various strategies that can be easily implemented to help prevent identity theft and fraud. It addresses technical issues in a clear and uncomplicated way to help decision-makers at all levels understand the steps their businesses and organizations can take to mitigate identity theft and fraud risks. And it highlights the risks individuals face in this digital age. This book can help anyone – businesses and organizations of all sizes, as well as individuals – develop an identity theft and fraud prevention strategy that will reduce their risk and protect their identity assets.

To date, little has been written on identity theft and fraud with a Canadian audience in mind. This book fills that gap, helping Canadians minimize their identity theft and fraud risks.
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Understanding Identity Theft and Fraud
Chapter 3: Risk and Trust
Chapter 4: Information Sources for Identity Theft and Fraud
Chapter 5: The Nature and Scope of Identity Theft and Fraud
Chapter 6: Measuring Identity Theft and Fraud
Chapter 7: Managing the Risks of Data Theft, Identity Theft, and Fraud
Chapter 8: A Life Cycle Approach to Identity Asset Protection
Chapter 9: Employee Responsibility for Risks to Identity Assets
Chapter 10: Consumer and Business Perspectives
Chapter 11: Technical Perspectives on Security
Chapter 12: Evaluating and Managing Organizational Readiness for Security and Identity Theft and Fraud Risks
Chapter 13: A Research Agenda for Identity Theft and Fraud Risks
Chapter 14: Monitoring Trends -- Indexes of Identity Theft and Fraud
Chapter 15: Overview and a Glimpse of the Future