Islam in the West

Islam in the West

Beyond Integration

By Zijad Delic

101 Pages · 8x5 · October 16 2018

Paper ISBN: 9780776626406

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The need to explore further the notion of Muslim identity, integration, citizenship, belonging and loyalty in the West has never been greater. This book provides a vibrant discussion on the most debated issues regarding Canadian Muslims, in four parts. 

Canada and Canadian Muslims offers an overview and a profile of Canada and Canadian Muslims, and provides perspectives on the healthy context of a receiving society. 

Canadian Muslim Identity tries to answer some hard questions surrounding the interplay between religious and national identities. Are these two types of identities contradictory or complimentary? 

In Constructive Integration, the Canadian model of integration is compared with two very different approaches: the French assimilationist model and the Bosnian exclusionist approach. 

Faithful Citizenship explores questions of citizenship from an Islamic perspective, taking into account Islamic formative principles – the Qur’an and Sunnah (the Prophetic tradition) as they pertain to the globalized world of today, includes historical perspectives from early Muslim history as well as from contemporary times. 

This book is intended to offer a constructive addition to the current discourse on the place of Canadian Muslims and Islam in Canada in the hopes of facilitating greater understanding, respect, and acceptance. 

This is the inaugural title for our Collection 101 series, a short introduction, in 101 pages, to topics torn from the headlines.