Islam in the West

Islam in the West

Beyond Integration

By Zijad Delic

138 Pages · 8x5 · October 23 2018

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Islam in the West: Beyond Integration offers an overview and a profile of Muslims living in the West, their identity, integration and citizenship. The book tries to answer some hard questions surrounding the interplay between religious and national identities, and how these two types of identities negotiate their place in the hearts of Western Muslims. 

Case studies cover constructive integration in Canada, assimilation in France and the exclusionist approach in Bosnia. Some answers to the questions on citizenship are presented from an Islamic perspective, taking into account Islamic formative principles — the Qur’an and Sunnah (the Prophetic tradition) — as they
pertain to the globalized world of today. This includes an examination of historical perspectives found in the scholarly discourses on citizenship unearthed from early Muslim history as well as from contemporary times. These issues are analyzed through the prism of a religiously pluralistic and culturally diverse society.

Muslims in Canada 
Religious Pluralism
Canadian Muslims
Muslims and Diversity in Canada

Canadian Muslim Identity 
Identity: Not So Easy to Define
Religion: A Vital Source of Identity
The Role of Hermeneutics in Identity
Multiple Identities
Becoming or Being? Identity in the Making
A Growing Sense of ‘Muslim’ Identity
Identity Development: Second Generation

Constructive Integration 
Systemic Exclusion: The Case of Bosniaks
Assimilation: France’s Official Strategy
Expressions of Muslimness: A Comparison
Constructive Integration and Beyond
Internal Obstacles to Integration
The Canadian Model of Integration
Multiculturalism: The Qur’anic Principle
Integration: Inclusion and Participation

Faithful Citizenship 
The Place of Muslims in the West
Historical References and Modern Discourse
Social Contract: Modernists’ Viewpoint
Betrayal of the Social Contract Unlawful
Islam Facilitates Citizenship in Action

And the Upshot Is...?