Jinny Yu

Jinny Yu

60 Pages · 10.50x9.50 · April 26 2008

Paper ISBN: 9782923243016

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This catalogue raisonné by artist Jinny Yu is the first collection of Yu’s paintings, covering the past ten years of her practice. Three critical essays by Antonio Foscari, Édith-Anne Pageot, and Emily Falvey explore and contextualize her work. There is a special emphasis throughout on the new series Story of a Global Nomad, exhibited in February and March 2008 at Art Mûr gallery, Montreal.

This series explores the idea of the nomad, which echoes Yu’s understanding of the artist as migratory, with the ability to shift between contexts, boundaries, and identities. Two visual systems preside over most of the series: a patterned underlay, which appears to be static, and an overlay that appears to convolute, distort, and haphazardly foray among the structured patterns below. Story of a Global Nomad is an invocation of the problematic nature of definition within a universal narrative. Ultimately, nomadism must understand itself within a system, and therefore is no more outside, or inside, a place than another.
- Adapted from a text by Michael Rattray.