Journal of Prisoners on Prisons V20 #2

Journal of Prisoners on Prisons V20 #2

Edited by: Mike Larsen, Justin Piché

184 Pages · 9.00x6.00 · December 1 2011

Paper ISBN: 9780776609393

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Volume 20, Number 2 is dedicated to the life and contributions of Liz Elliott, who was an active member of the JPP Editorial Board in the formative years of the Journal, and a passionate advocate for prisoners' rights, restorative and social justice. The general section includes a number of articles that highlight the socio-politics and experiences of incarceration in the United States. It also includes two short special sections - one based on the discussions arising from the June 2010 13th International Conference on Penal Abolition (ICOPA) in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and one on 'summit detention' and the mass arrests that occurred during the June 2010 G-20 protests in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
ARTICLES Making Sense of Life Without the Possibility of Parole Dortell Williams Cauldron of Solitude Eugene Dey Visiting Days Joel Medina and Beth Caldwell Unilaterally Punitive Joseph Dole Feeding the Beast Thomas E. Parton Ronin:A Police Officer’s Fall into the Federal Correctional System Andrew Ferguson and Barbara H. Zaitzow Mom, Prison Is Not a Place for Human Beings Haggai Matar and Anat Matar DIALOGUE AT ICOPA 13 Projects to Prisons: The Modern Day Plantations Chas Ransome The Prison Industrial Complex: The Final Solution to the Three-fifths Problem Mujahid Farid Breaking Down the Walls to Stop the Violence: Prison Abolition through the Lens of Trauma Healing Joel Medina and Beth Caldwell Uncommon Ground:Finding Accommodation and Optimism in an Age of Political Expediency Susan Nagelsen and Charles Huckelbury DIALOGUE AT THE G-20 SUMMIT IN TORONTO Reflecting on Summit Detention: Connecting Carceral Spaces, Moving Forward Swathi Sekhar Political Protest, Mass Arrest and Mass Detention:Fundamental Freedoms and (Un)common Criminals Debra Parkes and Meaghan Daniel PRISONERS’ STRUGGLES Why We Do What We Do Brighton Anarchist Black Cross Prisoner Solidarity in the UK Bristol Anarchist Black Cross The Metamorphosis Project Ellis Nash Sr. COVER ART “Think Down the Beast” Thomas E. Parton