Journal of Prisoners on Prisons V21 #1 & 2

Journal of Prisoners on Prisons V21 #1 & 2

Edited by: Stephen C. Richards, Michael Lenza

208 Pages · 9.00x6.00 · July 1 2012

Paper ISBN: 9780776609409

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Journal of Prisoners on Prisons V21 #1 & 2
PREFACE FROM THE MANAGING EDITORS Convict Criminology and the Journal of Prisoners on Prisons Mike Larsen and Justin Piché EDITORS’ INTRODUCTION The First Dime and Nickel of Convict Criminology Stephen C. Richards and Michael Lenza PART I: DEFINING CONVICT CRIMINOLOGY Convict Criminology, Prisoner Reentry and Public Policy Recommendations Stephen C. Richards, Jeffrey Ian Ross, Greg Newbold, Michael Lenza, Richard S. Jones, Daniel S. Murphy and Robert S. Grigsby Convict Criminologists in the Classroom John F. Frana, Michael Lenza and Ryan D. Schroeder Convict Criminology and Community Collaboration: Developing a Unique Program to Empower Vulnerable Youth in Idaho James Burnett and D J Williams Fundamental Problems in Criminal Justice Knowledge Production Michael Lenza Convict Criminology and Social Justice Advocacy: Toward Radical Change Robert S. Grigsby PART II: PRISONERS IN THE COMMUNITY Policy Options to Mitigate the Criminal Record Barrier to Employment Daniel S. Murphy, Stephen C. Richards and Brian Fuleihan A Tale of Two Convicts: A Reentry Story About the Impacts of Ethnicity and Social Class Richard Hendricksen and Alan Mobley A Convict Criminology Perspective on Sex Offender Laws: America’s “War against Sex Offenders” Brian E. Oliver Interrelated Problems of Silencing Voices and Sexual Crime: Convict Criminology Insights for Reducing Victimization D J Williams and James Burnett Detoured: My Journey from Darkness to Light Jesse De La Cruz PART III: CONVICT CRIMINOLOGY BEYOND BORDERS Developing a Convict Criminology Group in the UK Andreas Aresti An Ugly Fairy Tale with an Ending of Hope: The Founding of KRIS in Finland Matti “Kid” Hytönen Finnish Criminal Policy: From Hard Time to Gentle Justice Ikponwosa O. Ekunwe and Richard S. Jones RESPONSE John Irwin and the Convict Criminology Code Katherine Irwin Reflections on Convict Criminology Robert Johnson A Challenge From and A Challenge to Convict Criminology Mike Larsen and Justin Piché COVER ART “When harmony fails, I go to where rocks sleep” (front cover) Michael Lenza “And become” (back cover) Michael Lenza