Journal of Prisoners on Prisons V22 #2

Journal of Prisoners on Prisons V22 #2

Edited by: Susan Nagelsen, Charles Huckelbury

160 Pages · 9x6 · December 1 2013

Paper ISBN: 9780776609430

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Journal of Prisoners on Prisons V22 #2

Divergent Voices: Discourses and Perspective
     Susan Nagelsen and Charles Huckelbury

What is Prison Like?
     Colin Scholl
Chicken Soup
     Craig W. J. Minogue
A Requiem for Freddy
     Eugene Dey
How One Idea Almost Became Law: A Case Study
     Jon Marc Taylor
Prison Literacy: Light in a Dark Place
     Colin McGregor
What Is Compassionate Release?
     Timothy Muise
The Zombification of Formerly Incarcerated and Convicted People: Radical Democracy, Insurgent Citizenship, and Reclaiming Humanity
     Grace Gámez
The Inside’s Infl uence on the Outside
     Grant Tietjen
Actually Innocent Prisoners: Will the State Get It Right?
     Mwandishi Mitchell
How, Why, and About What Do Federal Prisoners Complain: And What We Can Do About It
     Miguel Zaldivar

Reflecting on 25 Years of the Journal of Prisoners on Prisons
     Bob Gaucher

Quand une chorégraphe rencontre une criminologue : Parcours insolite
     Claire Jenny et Sylvie Frigon
Defying Dehumanization by Sending Books: A Brief History of Books Through Bars NYC
     Victoria Law
Los Angeles Anarchist Black Cross Federation
     M. A. Hart

“Homeless State Prison” (front cover)
     Ronnie Goodman
“Letter of Rejection” and “Breaking the Chains” (back cover)
     Ronnie Goodman