Journal of Prisoners on Prisons, V26 #1&2

Journal of Prisoners on Prisons, V26 #1&2

Dialogue on Canada’s Federal Penitentiary System and the Need for Change

Edited by: Jarrod Shook, Bridget McInnis, Justin Piché, Kevin Walby

320 Pages · 9x6 · October 17 2017

Paper ISBN: 9780776625973

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This special issue of the Journal of Prisoners on Prisons, titled “Dialogue on Canada’s Federal Penitentiary System and the Need for Change”, features dozens of contributions written by criminalized men and women currently incarcerated in Correctional Service Canada (CSC) institutions. The writings document the counterproductive changes to federal imprisonment made by the previous federal government. These incarcerated writers seek to contribute to the reflections of Justice Canada as it conducts a review of the penal system and to the Standing Senate Committee on Human Rights as it engages in a study about the treatment of prisoners in CSC penitentiaries. Individual prisoners and Inmate Committees from CSC institutions in the Atlantic, Quebec, Ontario, Prairie and Pacific regions who participated in this dialogue collectively express hope that the Government of Canada will move away from the punitive laws, policies, and practices. To this end, the issue includes several recommendations to be enacted in the short-term to improve the lives of those who are imprisoned and who work in federal penitentiaries while also benefitting Canadian society by contributing to public safety.