L’aventure de la recherche qualitative

L’aventure de la recherche qualitative

Du questionnement à la rédaction scientifique

By Stéphanie Gaudet , Dominique Robert

412 Pages · 10x7 · August 29 2018

Paper ISBN: 9782760327313

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A Journey Through Qualitative Research takes students from start-to-finish through the research process while showcasing the complexities and interrelationships of different methods, schools of thought, and associated analytical strategies.

Encouraging students to think of qualitative research as a flexible, cyclical process rather than a linear one, this book offers a panoramic strategy and dynamic approach to qualitative research that accommodates the fluid nature of research and accounts for lessons learned through lived experience. With an emphasis on the analysis stage—within case, across case, and the dialogue between these insights and existing literature—it uses concrete applications to show how methodological decisions translate into practice.


This book is a must for new researchers who want to succeed in
qualitative inquiry.

Pranee Liamputtong

'This book goes significantly beyond "how to do research" and
a recipe approach found in many textbooks. Rather it encourages engagement with
"being" a researcher and uses project checklists to prompt

Jo Ferrie

The real coup de maître is the way the authors compare qualitative
research to a palimpsest and subsequently sketch the phases of data analysis
with suitable examples. Qualitative researchers…have a read!

Lakshmi Balachandran Nair