Law, Privacy and Surveillance in Canada in the Post-Snowden Era

Law, Privacy and Surveillance in Canada in the Post-Snowden Era

Sous la direction de : Michael Geist

298 pages · 28 mai 2015

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Micheal Geist

Years of surveillance-related leaks from US whistleblower Edward Snowden have fuelled an international debate on privacy, spying, and Internet surveillance. Much of the focus has centered on the role of the US National Security Agency, yet there is an important Canadian side to the story. The Communications Security Establishment, the Canadian counterpart to the NSA, has played an active role in surveillance activities both at home and abroad, raising a host of challenging legal and policy questions.

With contributions by leading experts in the field, Law, Privacy and Surveillance in Canada in the Post-Snowden Era is the right book at the right time: From the effectiveness of accountability and oversight programs to the legal issues raised by metadata collection to the privacy challenges surrounding new technologies, this book explores current issues torn from the headlines with a uniquely Canadian perspective.

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Part I: Understanding Surveillance

  1. Canadian Internet “Boomerang” Traffic and Mass NSA Surveillance: Responding to Privacy and Network Sovereignty Challenges
    Andrew Clement and Jonathan A. Obar
  2. Forgotten Surveillance: Covert Human Intelligence Sources in Canada in a Post-9/11 World
    Steve Hewitt

Part II: Legal Issues

  1. Foreign Intelligence in an Inter-Networked World: Time for a Re-Evaluation
    Tamir Israel
  2. Lawful Illegality: What Snowden Has Taught Us about the Legal Infrastructure of the Surveillance State
    Lisa M. Austin
  3. Law, Logarithms, and Liberties: Legal Issues Arising from CSE’s Metadata Collection Initiatives
    Craig Forcese

Part III: Reforms and Accountability

  1. Permanent Accountability Gaps and Partial Remedies
    Kent Roach
  2. The Failure of Official Accountability and the Rise of Guerrilla Accountability
    Reg Whitaker
  3. Why Watching the Watchers Isn’t Enough: Canadian Surveillance Law in the Post-Snowden Era
    Michael Geist
  4. “Stuck on the Agenda: Drawing Lessons from the Stagnation of “Lawful Access” Legislation in Canada
    Christopher Parsons