Learning to Practise

Learning to Practise

Professional Education in Historical and Contemporary Perspective

Edited by: Ruby Heap, Wyn Millar, Elizabeth Smyth

220 Pages · 9.00x6.00 · October 25 2005

Paper ISBN: 9780776606057

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How does one become a professional? This interdisciplinary collection offers new insights into that fundamental question. Employing a wide variety of approaches and methodologies, the original and thematically linked essays discuss such problematic issues as the most appropriate site for professional education, the proper focus and content of the initial and on-going preparation of professionals, and the nature of both continuity and change in professional education. In the process, they raise challenging questions about the development of professional education in Canada and elsewhere from the early 19th century to the present day, in fields as diverse as the health sciences, law, engineering, social work, theology, and university teaching. An essential resource for those studying the professions, this book will also appeal to practitioners, professional associations, administrators, and faculty in professional schools, and to all those interested in the past, present, and future state of their professions.