Margaret Laurence

Margaret Laurence

Critical Reflections

Edited by: David Staines

179 Pages · 9.00x6.00 · June 26 2001

Paper ISBN: 9780776604466

PDF ISBN: 9780776616582

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Margaret Laurence

Introduction (David Staines) 1

The Spirit and the Letter: The Correspondence of Margaret Laurence (John Lennox) 7

Cavewomen Div(in)ing for Pearls: Margaret Laurence and Marian Engel (Christl Verduyn) 23

Reading Margaret Laurence's Life Writing: Toward a Postcolonial Feminist Subjectivity for a White Female Critic (Helen M. Buss) 39

Margaret Laurence and the City (W.H. New) 59

The Figure of Unknown Soldier: Home and War in The Fire-Dwellers (Birk Sproxton) 79

(W)Rites of Passage: The Typescript of The Diviners as Shadow Text (Nora Foster Stovel) 101

Listening: Laurence's Women (Kristjana Gunnars) 121

Sitting Down to Write: A Discourse of Morning (Robert Kroetsch) 129

Margaret Laurence: The Shape of a Writer's Shadow (Aritha van Herk) 135

To Find Refreshment in Writing Children's Books: A Note on Margaret Laurence's Writing for Children (Janet Lunn) 145

Faith and the Vocation of the Author (Lois Wilson) 151

Margaret Laurence: A Reminiscence (Joyce Marshall) 163

Contributors 169