Let's Market Your Book!

The UOP team prepares the sales and promotion of your book and the marketing plan consists of many different components. You, the author, are also a key player in marketing your books. 

Here is an overview of our marketing strategy, to get you thinking about the various ways you can work with the UOP team to enhance these strategies:

  • Key information on the book and the author (prior to publication): this information is crucial because it enables the UOP to present the selling points of your book to our sales teams, who in turn present them to book buyers.

    • Editorial questionnaire: Enables the team to properly position the book for our sales teams: subject, methodology, where it fits in the marketplace, how it is unique, contribution to the advancement of knowledge, targeted public and potential presales; which specialized media should receive your book for review, etc.;

    • Author questionnaire: provides author's bio-bibliography, awards and accomplishments, recent or noteworthy publications and any other key professional information.

  • Present titles to our sales teams (prior to publication):
    • Preparation of sales material for our national and international sales teams;
    • Sales conferences wherein we present forthcoming titles and recent awards;
    • Sales conferences with course adoption marketing agency.

  • Preparation and distribution of metadata (prior to publication): Gold-standard ONIX metadata are shared with our distributors, wholesalers and retailers, which is also used to populate the University of Ottawa Press website. It is regularly updated to include reviews, awards, and other noteworthy information.

  • Preparing promotional tools (prior to and upon publication): Various types of marketing materials are prepared, and might include the following:

    • Information sheet (sell sheet) 
    • Seasonal catalogues 
    • Promotional handpieces by series
    • Book posters   
    • Online and print advertising   
    • Notice of publication   
    • Newsletters
    • Tweets and Facebook posts   
    • Media mailouts
    • Examination and desk copies
    • Awards submissions

  • Taking care of (legal) business (upon publication)
    • Legal deposit, Library and Archives Canada
    • Legal deposit, Bibliothèque et Archives du Québec (French titles only)
    • Deposit to the University of Ottawa Archives and Library   

  • Marketing events
    • Annual fall launch
    • Book launch
    • Conferences: UOP attends conferences or sends books to book exhibits in Canada and abroad, or supports its authors who are organizing a launch or other type of event at a conference.

  • Translation Rights 
    • Titles are presented at rights fairs in Canada and abroad.

  • Other marketing initiatives: UOP welcomes additional marketing ideas from its authors and will do its best to integrate these to the book's marketing plan.


Marketing tips for authors

The following 10 tips are small things you can do to help strengthen the marketing plan of your book. It’s most assuredly time well spent.

  1. Take the time to prepare a strong list of selling points. What makes your book unique? Who is the intended audience? Why would readers care? Convince us. You've spent years on this book, so no one knows your book like you do. Take a moment to explain why it matters.

  2. Help us build a stronger mailing list tailored to the book by listing the key journals in your field, as well as other journals and media in other disciplines but that may just be interested in covering your book.

  3. Tell us about upcoming awards to which your book should be submitted.

  4. Provide us with a good head shot, not a photo your 7-year-old took of you.

  5. Request a marketing meeting with UOP staff to review the marketing plan together and explore additional opportunities.

  6. Join UOP’s email lists. Click here to subscribe. Then resend any information that you feel would be useful to colleagues; of course do send the email announcing the publication of your title to friends, colleagues, acquaintances, your dean, and your university’s communications team.

  7. Follow us on Twitter, and retweet our tweets. Also include our Twitter handle (@uOttawaPress) in your own tweets, so that we are made aware of your news and can retweet in return.

  8. Like us on Facebook (uOttawaPress), and share our postings. This generates well-deserved traffic. We try to do the same, but you may wish to alert us to newsworthy items as well for us to repost.

  9. Send us reviews you’ve received. We’ll also return the favour.

  10. Stay in touch, and feel free to call or email to provide additional information beyond publication. Marketing is a long-term endeavour.


We want your book to succeed, so let’s work together to make that happen.