Mathematical Modelling of Zombies

Mathematical Modelling of Zombies

Edited by: Robert Smith?

Introduction by: Andrew Cartmel

468 Pages · October 14 2014

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You’re outnumbered, in fear for your life, surrounded by flesheating zombies. What can save you now? Mathematics, of course.

Mathematical Modelling of Zombies engages the imagination to illustrate the power of mathematical modelling. Using zombies as a “hook,” you’ll learn how mathematics can predict the unpredictable. In order to be prepared for the apocalypse, you’ll need mathematical models, differential equations, statistical estimations, discretetime models, and adaptive strategies for zombie attacks—as well as baseball bats and Dire Straits records (latter two items not included).

In Mathematical Modelling of Zombies, Robert Smith? brings together a highly skilled team of contributors to fend off a zombie uprising. You’ll also learn how modelling can advise government policy, how theoretical results can be communicated to a nonmathematical audience and how models can be formulated with only limited information. A forward by Andrew Cartmel—former script editor of Doctor Who, author, zombie fan and all-round famous person in science-fiction circles—even provides a genealogy of the undead. By understanding how to combat zombies, readers will be introduced to a wide variety of modelling techniques that are applicable to other real-world issues (biology, epidemiology, medicine, public health, etc.).

So if the zombies turn up, reach for this book. The future of the human race may depend on it.

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Foreword: I Ran with a Zombie
Andrew Cartmel
Introduction: What Can Zombies Teach Us About Mathematics?
Robert Smith?
  1. The Viral Spread of a Zombie Media Story
    Robert Smith?
  2. The Undead: A Plague on Humanity or a Powerful New Tool for Epidemiological Research?
    Jane M. Heffernan and Derek J. Wilson
  3. When Zombies Attack! Alternate Ending
    Phil Munz
  4. When Humans Strike Back! Adaptive Strategies for Zombie Attacks
    Bard Ermentrout and Kyle Ermentrout
  5. Increasing Survivability in a Zombie Epidemic
    Ben Tippett
  6. How Long Can We Survive?
    Thomas E. Woolley, Ruth E. Baker, Eamonn A. Gaffney and Philip K. Maini
  7. Demographics of Zombies in the United States
    Daniel Zelterman
  8. Is It Safe to Go Out Yet? Statistical Inference in a Zombie Outbreak Model
    Ben Calderhead, Mark Girolami and Desmond J. Higham
  9. The Social Zombie: Modelling Undead Outbreaks on Social Networks
    Laurent Hébert-Dufresne, Vincent Marceau, Pierre-André Noël, Antoine Allard and Louis J. Dubé
  10. Zombie Infection Warning System Based on Fuzzy Decision-Making
    Micael S. Couceiro, Carlos M. Figueiredo, J. Miguel A. Luz and Michael J. Delorme
  11. Is There a Zombicidal Maniac Near You? You'd Better Hope So!
    Nick Beeton, Alex Hoare and Brody Walker
  12. Zombies in the City: A NetLogo Model
    Jennifer Badham and Judy-Anne Osborn
  13. An Evolvable Linear Representation for Simulating Government Policy in Zombie Outbreaks
    Daniel Ashlock, Joseph Alexander Brown and Clinton Innes
  14. Baneling Dynamics in Legend of the Seeker
    Gergely Röst
  15. The Zombie Swarm: Epidemics in the Presence of Social Attraction and Repulsion
    Evelyn Sander and Chad M. Topaz
Robert Smith?