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Michel Bock is Associate Professor of History at the University of Ottawa and holds a Research Chair in Canadian Francophonie. His research focuses on the intellectual and political history of French Canada. He is the recipient of numerous awards, including the Prix Michel-Brunet, the Prix Champlain, and the Governor General's Literary Award.

Ferdinanda Van Gennip is a professional translator. Her published translations include works of Mario Cardinal (Breaking Point: Québec/Canada, the 1995 Referendum), John Monbourquette (How to Discover Your Personal Mission; How to Befriend your Shadow) and Simone Weil (The Afflicted Genius of France).


Books by this Author

Cahiers Charlevoix 10

Michel Bock, Jean-Pierre Pichette, Simon Laflamme, Yves Frenette, Marcel Bénéteau

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A Nation Beyond Borders

Michel Bock

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Entre lieux et mémoire

Starting at: 19.99 $ CA

La Jeunesse au Canada français

Starting at: 35.00 $ CA

Cahiers Charlevoix 11

Jean-Pierre Pichette, Simon Laflamme, Yves Frenette, Julie Boissonneault, Ali Reguigui, Michel Bock

Starting at: 29.95 $ CA