Migrating Texts and Traditions

Migrating Texts and Traditions

Edited by: William Sweet

364 Pages · December 15 2012

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There can be little dispute that culture influences philosophy: we see this in the way that classical Greek culture influenced Greek philosophy, that Christianity influenced mediaeval western philosophy, that French culture influenced a range of philosophies in France from Cartesianism to post-modernism, and so on. Yet many philosophical texts and traditions have also been introduced into very different cultures and philosophical traditions than their cultures of origin – through war and colonialization, but also through religion and art, and through commercial relations and globalization. And this raises questions such as: What is it to do French philosophy in Africa, or Analytic philosophy in India, or Buddhist philosophy in North America? This volume examines the phenomenon of the ‘migration’ of philosophical texts and traditions into other cultures, identifies places where it may have succeeded, but also where it has not, and discusses what is presupposed in introducing a text or a tradition into another intellectual culture.
Preface Introduction: What Does It Mean for Texts and Traditions to Migrate? - William Sweet Part I: From the West The Migration of Aristotelian Philosophy to China in the 17th Century - Vincent Shen The Reformulation of the Philoponean Proofs in Mediaeval Jewish Thought - Gyongyi Hegedus Putting Islam and ‘The West’ Together Again: The Philosophy of M. M. Sharif - Leslie Armour British Idealism as a Migrating Tradition - William Sweet The Migration of Ideas and Afrikaans Philosophy in South Africa - Pieter Duvenage Heidegger, Japanese Aesthetics, and the Idea of a ‘Dialogue’ between East and West - Chinatsu Kobayashi Hermeneutics and the Migration of Philosophical Traditions in East Asia - Cristal Huang Part II: From the East and the South Dārā Shukoh and the Transmission of the Upaniṣads to Islam - Jonardon Ganeri A Buddhist ‘good life’ Theory: Śāntideva’s Bodhicaryāvatāra - Linda E. Patrik Sharing Insights: Buddhism and Recent Aristotelian Ethics - Sheila Mason Process Concepts of Text, Practice, and No Self in Buddhism - Frank J. Hoffman On Being Enabled to Say What Is “Truly Real” - Peter J. McCormick The Philosophers of Al Andalus and European Modernity - David Lea Radhakrishnan and the Construction of Philosophical Dialogue across Cultural Traditions - Denys P. Leighton Part III: Theoretical Issues Philosophy-in-Place and Texts Out of Place - Bruce B. Janz Migrating Texts: A Hermeneutical Perspective - Kuan-Min Huang Text, Rationality, and Knowledge in Indian Philosophy - Eliot Deutsch Afterword: Migration: Explanation, Analysis, and Directions - William Sweet Index Contributors


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