Moving Images of Eternity

Moving Images of Eternity

George Grant’s Critique of Time, Teaching, and Technology

By William F. Pinar

626 Pages · 9.6x6.7 · March 26 2019

Paper ISBN: 9780776627878

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While there are studies of George Grant’s political philosophy and theology, there was no sustained study of his teaching, and specifically its relation to these. No study to date has drawn extensively on the collected works – including talks to teachers and his D.Phil. thesis at Oxford – or upon his biography, the collected letters, and the vast secondary literature.

Intended to serve as a reference book for students of Grant as well as a textbook for students of education, Pinar emphasizes Grant’s timeliness, underscoring his prescience in identifying and critiquing educational issues fifty years ago – academic vocationalism, educational technology, privatization of schooling, the ascendency of research over teaching – that are relevant today.

Grant was also concerned with the fate of what he termed particularity within Canada and globally, and worried that economic globalization would erase distinctive national histories and cultures. Replacing these would be a world state, universal and homogeneous, representing the worst tyranny humanity has known. Grant foresaw current issues of right-wing populism, notably in the UK and the US, as reactions against these historical tendencies.

Author Bio

William F. Pinar est professeur et titulaire d’une chaire de recherche à la University of British Columbia. En 2015, il a reçu le Prix ACÉC de services émérites Ted T. Aoki conféré par l’Association canadienne pour l’étude du curriculum. Il a été président de l’International Association for the Advancement of Curriculum Studies.