In 2006 UOP participated in a sponsorship program facilitated by a partnership between Canadian Electronic Library (CEL) and codeMantra’s conversion services.  The program resulted in the digitization of a large selection of backlist titles and helped successfully kick-start UOP’s digital publishing program.

In spring 2014, CEL offered the same program to publishers for those who had never participated or those who would like to convert any remaining backlist titles that were not previously included in the 2006 project.  Since then, UOP has seen an increased demand for content in formats other than printed books, and also has identified the need to make content more widely available, accessible, reusable, and future-proof.

The demand for eBooks is on the rise. In fact, 76% of direct-to-consumer sales in the past month (August 2014), with 9 out of the last 10 of those, have been for eBooks.

In spring of 2014, UOP identified and compiled a list of 76 in-demand titles that had either never been available in digital formats or were on the verge of becoming out-of-print. With this conversion project, these selected books were given a second life through new digital versions: their dissemination will continue long after printed stock has been exhausted.

Many of these titles have also now been included in our print-on-demand program, so that we may also continue to fulfill the demand for any physical copies and reach new markets through our wholesale distribution partners. Metadata and marketing images for these books are being revived and revised in order to better sell the products and reach international markets. UOP is using this project as a way to support and market our authors and increase the visibility and sales of the backlist. By participating in the CEL Sponsorship program, UOP was able to significantly reduce the cost of converting such a large list of titles and benefit from the support of a reputable conversion services team to make such a large project more feasible. The upfront costs are subsidized by CEL, which allows editors to defer 50% of the production costs until the following fiscal year. The remaining amount at this time can be supplemented by our royalties earned from the sales of these and other books previously included in the Canadian Electronic Library and their partners’ catalogues.

UOP is proud of the greater availability it affords its books, the increased visibility it offers to current and past authors, and the ability to rediscover and reuse our content for new generations of readers, and even to contribute to the development of new knowledge. UOP also would like to send a special thanks to Bob Gibson and the CEL and codeMantra teams for facilitating this project.