A reader of Tolstoy and Tolstaya: A Portrait of a Life in Letters, sent us this comment on "literary voyeurism":

"There are elements in their relationship that are so very universal, particularly the weighing and measuring and comparing of the contributions of each of the spouses to the union and to the household. It is refreshing to have this unvarnished, un-romanticized window on the relationship of such a famous and fascinating couple. It is almost literary voyeurism. Imagine having one's own relationship laid bare for public consumption in this way. Maybe our modern, if totally banal, equivalent is reality TV or social media but, in both, people anticipate their audience and most certainly play to it. Would Mr. and Mrs. T. have had any sense that these letters would be published or dissected by scholars one day? Would that have coloured them in any way?"

- Gerald Dust, BA, LL.B., December 10, 2017