Every day brings new headlines about climate change. We hear contradictory opinions from scientists, politicians, and the media about what it is, what it means, and what we should do about it. Ironically, the people being ignored on this issue are the Canadians dealing with the effects of climate change right now – the Inuit.
In his new book, Timothy B. Leduc works to integrate the Inuit experience of climate change with western climate research. Considering alternative ways of thinking about climate change, Leduc sidelines the common debates on the validity of climate science and the economic viability of responding to climate change. Instead, he approaches current issues such as polar bear decline from both an Inuit and western viewpoint to create a more organic understanding of what is happening in the north.  

Leduc believes that a deep cultural change is needed if we are to address climate change, and that all parties concerned must be part of the discussion. With this in mind, Leduc has created an Inuktitut companion to the book that presents the central ideas of Climate, Culture, Change for the Inuit who have been instrumental to this project. It is freely available for download at http://climateculturechange.wordpress.com

Timothy B. Leduc graduated with a Ph.D. in Environmental Studies from York University, as well as a Masters in Social Work from the University of Toronto. He has worked for a number of years in northern indigenous communities, and is currently an Assistant Professor in Environmental Education at the Faculty of Environmental Studies, York University.