"Taking Aviation to New Heights: A Biography of Pierre Jeanniot”

by Jacqueline Cardinal and Laurent Lapierre, translated by Donald Winkler

An extraordinary Canadian and an international career in civil aviation

Ottawa, Ontario, November 20, 2013 – Aspiring leaders of international aviation in need of a role model could turn to Pierre J. Jeanniot, former President and Chief Executive Officer of Air Canada and Director General Emeritus of the International Air Transport Association—who early in his career invented the black box, the flight recorder placed in aircrafts to facilitate accident or incident investigations.

The University of Ottawa Press (UOP) recently published the English-language translation of the biography in which Jacqueline Cardinal and Laurent Lapierre retrace the life of Jeanniot, a former night student at Sir George Williams University (now Concordia) in Montreal who developed leadership qualities such that he become known as “the Ambassador of international civil aviation.”

This exciting and inspiring biography explores:

            At Air Canada:

·        How he developed one of the world’s first real-time, online reservation system;

·        How he introduced the “business class” on flights over the Atlantic—a world first;

·        How he introduced non-smoking flights—another world first;

·        How he created regional carriers, at much lower cost for Canadians;

·        How he convinced his shareholders, employees and municipalities that privatization was essential.


·        How he convinced the membership to adopt measures that decreases the industry’s accident rate by half.

·        How he introduced mandatory safety standards that eventually became a membership obligation;

·        How he launched automated boarding passes and electronic ticketing;

·        How he skillfully resolved crises in Iran, Libya and Korea;

·        How he managed the 9/11 crisis.

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