The best resource on the history, prehistory and culture of Canada is now proudly published by the University of Ottawa Press (UOP) and the Canadian Museum of Civilization. The public announcement was made during UOP’s fall launch event.

Strikingly Canadian and highly specialized, the Mercury Series presents research from the Canadian Museum of Civilization and benefits from the publishing expertise of the University of Ottawa Press. Created in 1972, the Mercury Series is the Museum of Civilization’s primary vehicle for the publication of academic research, and includes numerous landmark contributions in the disciplines of Canadian history, archaeology, culture and ethnology. Books in the series are published in either English or French, and all include a second-language summary.

“We are very pleased to be working with the University of Ottawa Press on our Mercury Series,” says Ms. Chantal Schryer, Vice-President of Public Affairs and Publishing at the Canadian Museum of Civilization. “Drawing on the strengths of our two institutions, publishing expertise from the Press and the Museum’s wealth of knowledge on Canadian history, the Mercury Series will surely benefit, as will its audience of academics, professionals and educators, both in Canada and abroad.

“At the University of Ottawa, we feel it is very important to reach out and establish partnerships with our community, and in particular with key players, such as the Canadian Museum of Civilization, declared Lara Mainville, director of the Press. Joining forces with the Museum was quite natural, and this collaboration will definitely benefit the entire community.”

The two first volumes in the series to be published at the University of Ottawa Press are:

  • L’exploitation du phoque à l’embouchure du Saguenay par les Iroquoiens de 1000 à 1534, by Michel Plourde. Publication date: December 5th, 2012.
  • Rewriting Marpole: The Path to Cultural Complexity in the Gulf of Georgia, by Terry Clarke. Publication date: March 2013.

Mercury Series titles are available in the Canadian Museum of Civilization and Canadian War Museum bookstores. Books can also be ordered online, on the UOP website. Mercury Series titles are also available through most major book retailers.