The University of Ottawa Press invites you to the 31st Salon du livre de l'Outaouais. Come see our most recent releases at our booth (# 94, Prologue Inc.) and meet our authors as they sign their books.

Book Signings

Friday, February 26

7 PM to 8 PM: Pierre Hurtubise - Tous les chemins mènent à Rome

Pierre Hurtubise is emeritus professor of the Faculty of Theology at Saint Paul University. Since 1968, he has passed countless hours in the Vatican's archives researching the papal court. His research is gathered in Tous les chemins mènent à Rome.

Tous les chemins mènent à Rome is a social history of the papal and cardinal courts of the 16th century. Drawing on many perspectives, it allows us to understand why the papal court was admired and envied by so many of its day, and why so many individuals were ready to do almost anything to gain access to it.

Saturday, February 27

1 PM to 2 PM: Georges Sioui - Histories of Kanatha

Georges Sioui is the coordinator of the Aboriginal Studies program at the University of Ottawa. He is the author of Pour une autohistoire amérindienne (Presses de l'Université Laval, 1989) and Les Hurons-Wendat (Presses de l'Université Laval, 1994). His work has always focused on indigenous peoples.

Histories of Kanatha is a bilingual collection of his texts that present and explore the Huron-Wendat vision on the place of aboriginal people in Canada, the world and history.

2 PM to 3 PM: Louise N. Boucher - Entre lieux et mémoire

Louise N. Boucher is a Ph.D. candidate of the Department of Geography of the University of Ottawa. Her doctoral research, like her contribution to the volume Entre lieux et mémoire, looks at the Chaudières waterfall of the Outaouais region. Beyond the falls, her specialty is heritage geography. She is also vice-president of the Société d'histoire de l'Outaouais.

Entre lieux et mémoire is a volume of essays edited by Anne Gilbert, Michel Bock and Joseph Yvon Thériault that explores how the francophonie records itself on Canada's geography and how historic sites participate in the construction of the French Canadian identity.

3 PM to 4 PM: Charles Le Blanc - Le complexe d'Hermès

Charles Le Blanc is associate professor of the School of Translation and Interpretation at the University of Ottawa. An experienced translator, he is also a specialist of German philosophy and the author of four children's books. He was a finalist for the Governor General's Literary Prize, non-fiction category, for his book Le complexe d'Hermès.

Le complexe d'Hermès is a philosophical reflection on translation which seeks to show that it is possible to escape from the limits of language by displacing translation from linguistics to aesthetics.

4 PM to 5 PM: Réal Fillion - La dynamique multiculturelle et les fins de l'histoire

Réal Fillion is professor of the Department of Philosophy at the University of Sudbury. His research focuses on political philosophy, multiculturalism and history.

In La dynamique multiculturelle et les fins de l'histoire, Réal Fillion offers us an original reading of key texts in the philosophy of history by Kant, Hegel and Marx, and shows us how these texts remain relevant to our understanding of history today.

31st Salon du livre de l'Outaouais
February 25 to 28, 2010
Palais des congrès de Gatineau
(200 Promenade du Portage in Gatineau)


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