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01/25/2019 - Media Release: UOP Textbook Finalist for 2019 PROSE Awards

06/20/2017 - Media Release: New architectural guide of Ottawa-Gatineau landmarks in celebration of Canada’s 150th anniversary

09/26/2016 - Press Release: 2016 Fall Launch of the University of Ottawa Press

09/20/2016 - Now Available: Launch of L'immersion française à l'université

09/16/2016 - Now Available: Launch of Le Québec et ses mutations culturelles

05/03/2016 - MEDIA RELEASE: Launch of the Digital Mercury Series: 500 volumes now available in ebook format

06/11/2015 - Now Available: A Critical Edition of Hugh Garner's Best Stories, edited by Emily Robins Sharpe

06/09/2015 - eGirls, eCitizens: Exploring the forces that shape girls' and young women's experiences in our digital world

06/09/2015 - Now Available: Law, Privacy and Surveillance in Canada in the Post-Snowden Era, edited by Michael Geist

06/03/2015 - Media Release: 80 Years of Scholarly Publishing at the University of Ottawa

05/25/2015 - Invitation: Canada and the Spanish Civil War

05/20/2015 - Invitation: Law, Privacy, Surveillance in Canada in the Post-Snowden Era

05/13/2015 - Book Launch | Lancement : eGirls, eCitizens edited by Jane Bailey and Valerie Steeves

04/24/2015 - Invitation: You are cordially invited to UOP's 80th Anniversary

04/24/2015 - Leslie Weir receives CLA award

04/10/2015 - Media Release: Jean-François Blanchette receives the 2015 Prix Champlain 

02/13/2015 - UOP News

01/29/2015 - New in the Canadian Literature Collection: This Time a Better Earth by Ted Allan

01/29/2015 - Canada and Aboriginal Canada Today: Changing the Course of History

01/08/2015 - New from Studies in International Development and Globalization: Rethinking Canadian Aid

12/02/2014 - Now Available: The Worlds of Carol Shields, edited by David Staines

11/24/2014 - Now Available: Mathematical Modelling of Zombies

10/24/2014 - Now Available: Malcolm Lowry's "lost" novel, <In Ballast to the White Sea>

10/03/2014 - Now Available: The first translation of critically acclaimed writer: Suzanne Myre's < Death Sentences >

10/02/2014 - Press Release: 2014 Fall Launch of the University of Ottawa Press - L’incontournable caste des femmes

05/23/2014 - New from the Canadian Literature Collection: The Collected Poems of Miriam Waddington

05/20/2014 - Now Available: A Nation Beyond Borders: Lionel Groulx on French-Canadian Minorities

05/15/2014 - New from Reappraisals: Canadian Writers: Home Ground and Foreign Territory: Essays on Early Canadian Literature

05/12/2014 - New from the Mercury Series: Petun to Wyandot: The Ontario Petun from the Sixteenth Century

04/24/2014 - New in Health & Society: Homelessness & Health in Canada

04/08/2014 - UOP News: Today: Spring Sale! Hundreds of books up to 70% off- Limited time only!

04/03/2014 - New from the Mercury Series: Old Man's Playing Ground

03/28/2014 - Press Release: UOP book a finalist for the 2014 Canada Prize in Social Sciences - L’incontournable caste des femmes

02/13/2014 - Now Available: Flora Lyndsay; or, Passages in an Eventful Life by Susanna Moodie

01/01/2014 - La professeure Charmain Levy de l’UQO dirige la collection Études en développement international et mondialisation des Presses de l’Université d’Ottawa (available in French only)

12/17/2013 - Now Available: Sport Policy in Canada

12/05/2013 - New from the Literary Translation Collection: Cloudburst: An Anthology of Hispanic Canadian Short Stories

11/28/2013 - Now Available: Swinging the Maelstrom by Malcolm Lowry

11/19/2013 - Now Available: Taking Aviation to New Heights: A Biography of Pierre Jeanniot

11/14/2013 - Zombies vs. Germs, Launch, Upcoming titles, awards!

10/09/2013 - UOP News- Frankfurt Book Fair, Fall releases, Open Access Panel, and more!

09/26/2013 - Now Available: Yoko Tawada's Portrait of a Tongue

04/17/2013 - Now Available: Rewriting Marpole: The Path to Cultural Complexity in the Gulf of Georgia

04/08/2013 - Now Available: Eight Men Speak: A Play by Oscar Ryan et al.

03/12/2013 - UOP News

02/07/2013 - Now Available from the University of Ottawa Press: They Divided the Sky: A Novel by Christa Wolf, translated by Luise von Flotow

01/30/2013 - UOP News

10/28/2011 - Protect your brain!