Northrop Frye and Others

Northrop Frye and Others

The Order of Words

By Robert D. Denham

270 Pages · 8x5.5 · August 16 2017

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This book, based on extensive archival and historical work, identifies and brings to light additional and littlerecognized intellectual influences on Frye, and analyzes how they informed his thought. These are variously
major thinkers, sets of texts, and intellectual traditions: the Mahayana Sutras, Machiavelli, Rabelais, Boehme, Hegel, Coleridge, Carlyle, Mill, Jane Ellen Harrison and Elizabeth Fraser.

In each chapter, dedicated to Frye’s connection to a specific influence, Denham describes how Frye became acquainted with each, and how he interpreted and adapted certain ideas from them to help work out his own conceptual systems. Denham offers insights on Frye’s relationship with his historical and intellectual contexts, provides valuable additional context for understanding the work of one of the 20th century’s leading scholars of literature and culture.

Includes over 20 photos, tables and figures, as well as a chapter on Frye’s personal relationship with Elizabeth Fraser.

Abbreviations and Short Titles  

1 Frye and the Mahayana Sutras 
Frye and the East 
The Sutras 
The Lankavatara Sutra 
The Avatamsaka Sutra 
The Translation of Ideas 
Holism and Interpenetration 
The Avatamsaka Sutra Revisited 
The Incarnation and Interpenetration

2 Frye and Niccolò Machiavelli 
“Machiavellian” in English Renaissance Drama Virtù 
Machiavelli, Shakespeare, and Hypocrisy Upward 

3 Frye and François Rabelais 
Gargantua and Pantagruel as an Anatomy Rhythm 
Giantism and Allegory 
The Seattle Illumination and the Oracle of the Bottle 
Creative Descent 

4 Frye and Jacob Boehme 
Blake and Boehme 
The Deification of the Void 
Nothing: Boehme, Eckhart, and The Cloud of Unknowing 
Schematic Thinking and the Kabbalah 
Numbers and Synchronicity 
Coincidentia Oppositorum 

5 Frye and G.W.F. Hegel
Appropriating Hegel as a Student 
The Hegelian Aufhebung 
Aufhebung at Work 
Levels of Meaning 

6 Frye and Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Logos and the One Big Book 
The Imagination 

7 Frye and Thomas Carlyle 
The Diagrammatic Basis of Thought 
The Hero and Heroism 

8 Frye and John Stuart Mill 
Coda: The Opposition 

9 Frye and Jane Ellen Harrison 
Frye’s Reading of the Cambridge Classicists 
The Cambridge School and the Context of Archetypal Criticism 
Dromena: Things Done 
Eniautos Daimon 
From Fluttering Female to Wise Woman 

10 Frye and Elizabeth Fraser: Her Letters to Him 

Works Cited



Author Bio

Robert D. Denham is John P. Fishwick Professor of English, Emeritus, at Roanoke College in Salem, Virginia. Before that he was Professor of English and Chair of the department at Emory & Henry College, and in the mid-1980s he served as Director of English Programs and Director of the Association of Departments of English for the Modern Language Association in New York City. Denham received his M.A. in religion and art and his Ph.D. in English (with honors) from the University of Chicago. He has devoted much of his professional life to writing about Northrop Frye and editing his work.


are brilliant books. I read Northrop Frye
and Others
in the summer and just picked up the second installment this
week. I feel that you have really made a break into the open with these
two books. I am grateful for all of your work.

Stewart Morton

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Northrop Frye and Others

Robert D. Denham

Starting at: 22.99 $ CA

Northrop Frye and Others

Robert D. Denham

Starting at: 22.99 $ CA