Open Access at UOP

"I am proud that our university is the first one in the country to introduce a comprehensive open access program. Canada’s university has become Canada’s Open Access University.”

―uOttawa President Allan Rock

 UOP is proud to support the open access movement and promote free and unrestricted access to scholarly research.

In December 2009, the University of Ottawa announced its open access (OA) program and its commitment to support UOP in the publishing of open access books. The University of Ottawa Library developed an institutional repository and OA programs, while UOP developed green and gold programs based on the principles of the Budapest Open Access Initiative. Today, the University of Ottawa’s open access initiatives are thriving.

UOP’s open access collection, funded by the University of Ottawa Library, consists of over 60 freely accessible eBooks, including both backlist and frontlist titles. 

UOP is currently one of only a few Canadian university presses to have embraced open access. OA, and especially open access of monographs, is increasingly becoming an integral part of the Canadian scholarly publishing landscape, in keeping with the worldwide movement for open access to academic research.

Open Access Collection

All open access publications are available to read online or download free of charge in PDF format. To consult the complete collection of UOP open access publications, click here.

You prefer another format? You can purchase our open access titles in print and other eBook formats through the UOP online store as well as from bookstores, our online retail partners and our distributors.

How to cite or use a UOP OA title – Copyright, permissions and licences

OA titles published since 2014 are licenced based on a Creative Commons CC BY-NC (Attribution-NonCommercial) licence. “This license lets others remix, tweak, and build upon your work non-commercially, and although their new works must also acknowledge you and be non-commercial, they don’t have to license their derivative works on the same terms.”

In other words, you are free to copy, distribute, display or perform the work as long as you clearly attribute the work to its authors and publisher, that you do not use this work for any commercial gain in any form, and that you in no way alter, transform, or build on the work outside of its use in normal academic scholarship without our express permission. If you want to reuse or distribute the work, you must inform its new audience of the licence terms of this work.

For further general information on Creative Commons licences, click here.

What can you do with UOP’s open access titles?

Under the Creative Commons licence, you can:

  • read and store this document free of charge;
  • distribute it for personal use free of charge;
  • print sections of the work for personal use;
  • read or perform parts of the work in a context where no financial transactions take place.

Under the Creative Commons licence, you may not:

  • gain financially from the work in any way;
  • sell the work or seek monies in relation to the distribution of the work;
  • use the work in any commercial activity of any kind;
  • profit a third party indirectly via use or distribution of the work;
  • distribute in or through a commercial body (with the exception of academic usage within educational institutions such as schools and universities);
  • reproduce, distribute, or store the cover image outside of its function as a cover of this work;
  • alter or build on the work outside of normal academic scholarship.

Cover Art: The artwork on the cover of this book is not open access and falls under traditional copyright provisions; it cannot be reproduced in any way without written permission of the artists and their agents. The cover can be displayed as a complete cover image for the purposes of publicizing this work, but the artwork cannot be extracted from the context of the cover of this specific work without breaching the artist’s copyright.

UOP acknowledges the wording around open access used by Australian publisher,, and the University of Calgary Press and thank them for giving us permission to adapt their wording to our policy 

You’d like to go OA?

You’re a prospective author and would like to submit yours as an OA title? Please make note of this in your project proposal.

 Do authors of OA titles retain copyright?

  • Frontlist titles: Yes, authors of frontlist OA titles retain their copyright.
  • Backlist titles: Regarding titles from our backlist that were subsequently released as OA titles, UOP retained copyright. Enquiries about the status of a specific title can be made to the UOP office. 

 Open Access Partners

The University of Ottawa Library has developed a very comprehensive look at open access, including policies, copyright, funding, research impact. To visit, click here.

UOP is a member of OAPEN and Open Edition

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