Ottawa, lieu de vie français

Ottawa, lieu de vie français

Edited by: Anne Gilbert, Linda Cardinal, Michel Bock, Lucie Hotte, François Charbonneau

676 Pages · 9x6 · November 22 2017

Paper ISBN: 9782760325753

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Ottawa, lieu de vie français discusses the urban changes and the ways in which Ottawa francophones began thinking about and building their city, from the 1960s onwards, the ideas and actions of that period still shaping life in French Ottawa today. 

Stemming from the Chantier Ottawa collaborative and interdisciplinary project, this book brings together over twenty researchers specializing in the history of francophone institutions in the national capital, its leaders, and its networks. It analyzes the growth and the characteristics of the French-speaking population throughout the years, its growing diversification, and the transformation of its living environments. 

It brilliantly reconstitutes the events that have marked the recent history of Ottawa, describes the contexts in which these events took place and the conditions that made them possible. They contributors also reflect on the current and future impact of this history, both for Ottawa and throughout Ontario.