Place-Making in the Pretty Harbour

Place-Making in the Pretty Harbour

The Archaeology of Port Joli, Nova Scotia

By Matthew Betts

360 Pages · 9.61x6.69 · September 19 2019

Paper ISBN: 9780776627779

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The book describes in detail the findings of five seasons (2008-2012) of survey and excavation in Port Joli, and ten years of laboratory analysis, undertaken by the Canadian Museum of History, in collaboration with Acadia First Nation. It also incorporates data recovered from previous archaeological work conducted in Port Joli by Erskine, Raddall, Millard, and others, providing a complete synthesis of one of Nova Scotia’s richest Indigenous archaeological records. 

Reviving the art of a traditional archaeology “site monograph”, the work provides a complete presentation of all the archaeological information recovered, including full-colour artifact plates, technical drawings, profiles, and maps, in addition to a complete data description and synthesis. 

The final chapter presents a culture history of the Port Joli, summarizing how the “pretty harbour” became a central place for Mi’kmaq prior to the arrival of Europeans.

A copublication with the Canadian Museum of History.