Planification de formations en santé

Planification de formations en santé

Guide des bonnes pratiques

By Pierre Jean

250 Pages · 9x6 · February 6 2019

Paper ISBN: 9782760326521

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Designing training activities can be intimidating; reforming an entire study program may be utterly daunting. 

Here is a practical guide to planning various types of educational programs, for instructors who do not necessarily have much experience in this regard. 

This book is intended for teachers, administrators charged with training health care professionals, as well as professors. The method can be adapted to an entire study program, a professional development activity, or an internship. Based on an experiential approach, it offers five case studies from Canada and from emerging countries. It uses plain language, avoiding the jargon of pedagogical experts. It also includes a series of summary tables that enable the reader to quickly find what they need. 

Originally born from the medical training program design, this simple book is entirely suited to other health science disciplines as well as other professional disciplines such as management and law.