The Priesthood of Science

The Priesthood of Science

A Work of Utopian Fiction

By William Leiss

280 Pages · 8.00x5.00 · May 10 2008

Paper ISBN: 9780776606774

PDF ISBN: 9780776617756

ePub ISBN: 9780776618326

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The global political situation is increasingly volatile, and Hera and her sisters are sealed off from the rest of the world in southern Nevada. She is still tormented by her parents’ decision to genetically modify the brains of their twelve daughters—and by her own agreement to allow a similar procedure to be used on a much larger group of human embryos.
That group of engineered embryos has become one thousand young people just turning eighteen, and the gender politics among them is threatening to ruin Hera’s gamble on a new beginning for human society.
The Priesthood of Science envisions a future in which scientific research is confined to facilities hidden away from public view and where there is a prohibition against turning scientific discoveries into new technologies in order to keep a world torn apart by religious fanaticism and ethnic hatred under control.

Author Bio

William Leiss has been a professor at seven Canadian universities: Simon Fraser, Calgary, Regina, York, Toronto, Queen’s, and Ottawa. He is the author or co-author of eight previous books, including Mad Cows and Mother’s Milk (McGill-Queen’s, 2004) and In the Chamber of Risks (McGill-Queen’s, 2001). For the past twenty years he has been a frequent consultant to government agencies and the private sector on risk management issues.


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