Publishing Program

UOP builds upon its rich academic heritage to publish forward-looking and compelling books and journals, in French and in English, that engage with today’s issues.

Over time, UOP has carefully curated a publishing program in the social sciences and humanities in keeping with its mission and its values, promoting critical and ethical thought, first-class research, intellectual integrity, social responsibility and innovation.

UOP publication program is structured along three axes:

  1. Francophonie and Canadian Studies
  2. Politics, Public Policy and Globalization
  3. Contemporary Society

A fourth axis, Praxis, is perpendicular to the other axes and comprises textbooks and other pedagogical materials.

Our series fit within this three-pronged structure. Within the current structure, UOP publishes: 1) monographs and edited volumes; 2) Textbooks; 3) Journals; and 4) Translations of literary works to further our understanding of translation studies while presenting literary works to new readerships.


Publication Program: Axes and Series

First Axis: Francophonie and Canadian Studies



Second Axis: Politics, Public Policy and Globalization


  • Studies in International Development and Globalization
    Charmain Levy


Third Axis: Contemporary Society


  • Collection 101 Series (official title forthcoming)
    Robert Smith?