RE: Reading the Postmodern

RE: Reading the Postmodern

Canadian Literature and Criticism after Modernism

Sous la direction de : Robert David Stacey

440 pages · 9.00x6.00 · 9 octobre 2010

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RE: Reading the Postmodern



Introduction: Post-, Marked Canada -- Robert David Stacey

Part 1 / Retrospections

Boundary 2 and the Canadian Postmodern -- Robert Kroetsch

Canadian Postmodernisms: Misreadings and Non-readings -- Frank Davey

The Glories of Hindsight: What We Know Now -- Linda Hutcheon

Part 2 / En garde! Traditions, Counter-traditions, Anti-traditions

Postmodern Postmortem: Irony and Literary History in Linda Hutcheon’s Poetics -- Adam Carter

Getting Ready to Have Been Postmodern -- Christian Bök

Feeling Ugly: Daniel Jones, Lynn Crosbie and Canadian Postmodernism’s Second Wave -- Stephen Cain

Reconciling Regionalism: Spatial Epistemology, Robert Kroetsch and the Roots of Canadian Postmodern Fiction -- Alexander MacLeod

A Postmodern Decadence in Canadian Sound and Visual Poetry -- Gregory Betts

Part 3 / Historicities

Attack of the Latté-Drinking Relativists: Postmodernism, Historiography and Historical Fiction -- Herb Wyile

“The Postmodern Impasse” and Guy Vanderhaeghe’s The Englishman’s Boy -- Jennifer Blair

Postmodern Realism and Photographic Subjectivity in The Stone Diaries -- Deborah Bowen

Re-performing Microhistories: Postmodern Metatheatricality in Canadian Millennial Drama -- Jenn Stephenson

F the Ineffable! The Allegorical Intention in Ghostmodernism -- Sylvia Söderlind

Part 4 / Publics

Bowering, Postmodernism and Canadian Nationalism: A Short Sad Book -- Jason Wiens

Re: Reading the Postmodern—‘MESS IS LORE’ -- Pauline Butling

Why Postmodernism Now? Toward a Poetry of Enactment -- Susan Rudy