Author Centre

Services to authors

UOP is proud to offer the following services to its authors:

  • Author support by series editors who are experts in their field and by a team of efficient, professional and affable support staff;
  • Management of peer review process in line with ASPP guidelines;
  • Support in identifying funding sources such as ASPP, faculties and departments publication support funds, research funds, translation funds, open access funds, and preparation of some funding applications;
  • Language services: copyediting and author approvals; proofreading, index preparation; writing and translation of marketing copy
  • Graphic design and typesetting: graphic design of cover pages and typesetting of book;
  • Print management: quote management; print file preparation; quality control of proofs; delivery coordination;
  • eBook production: preparation of PDF, ePub and MOBI versions of new releases; digital conversion of backlist;
  • Promotion: metadata; sell sheets; advertising; online promotion; website; events; awards submissions;
  • Distribution and fulfillment: print and eBook distribution agreements; fulfillment and invoicing; offset and POD reprints.
  • Representation: sales conferences, rights sales, foreign booksellers.