Sexual Assault in Canada

Sexual Assault in Canada

Law, Legal Practice and Women’s Activism

Edited by: Elizabeth A. Sheehy

836 Pages · September 29 2012

Cloth ISBN: 9780776630441

PDF ISBN: 9780776619774

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Sexual Assault in Canada
Foreword: Still Punished for Being Female
-- Claire L'Heureux-Dubé
-- Elizabeth A. Sheehy

The Victories of Jane Doe
-- Elizabeth A. Sheehy
Jane Doe versus Toronto Commissioners of Police: A View from the Bar
-- Sean Dewart
New Zealand’s Jane Doe
-- Julia Tolmie
Hockey Night in Canada
-- Laura Robinson
Indigenous Women and Sexual Assault in Canada
-- Maria Campbell, Priscilla Campeau, and Tracey Lindberg
Legal Subversion of the Criminal Justice Process? Judicial, Prosecutorial, and Police Discretion in Edmondson, Kindrat and Brown
-- Lucinda Vandervort
The Supreme Court of Canada’s Betrayal of Residential School Survivors: Ignorance is No Excuse
-- Sheila McIntyre
Sexual Assault and Disabled Women Ten Years after Jane Doe
-- Fran Odette
Police Investigation of Sexual Assault Complaints: How Far Have We Come Since Jane Doe?
-- Teresa DuBois
Striking Back: The Viability of a Civil Action Against the Police for the “Wrongful Unfounding” of Reported Rapes
-- Blair Crew
Third-Wave Anti-rape Activism on Neoliberal Terrain: The Garneau Sisterhood
-- Lise Gotell
Sisterhood Will Get Ya: Anti-rape Activism and the Criminal Justice System
-- Meagan Johnston
Where Has All the Anger Gone?
-- Diana Yaros
Vitreous Fragility: Re-imagining Women through Art
-- Shary Boyle
The Jane Doe Coffee Table Book about Rape: Reflections on Rebellious Writing and Teaching
-- Gillian Calder and Rebecca Johnson

Who Benefits From the Sexual Assault Evidence Kit?
-- Jane Doe
Perpetuating – and Resisting – Rape Myths in Trial Discourse
-- Susan Ehrlich
Questioning “Expert” Knowledges
-- Sunny Marriner
Zero Tolerance Some of the Time?  Doctors and Sexual Abuse in Ontario
-- Sanda Rodgers
Judges and the Reasonable Steps Requirement: The Judicial Stance on Perpetration Against Unconscious Women
-- Elizabeth A. Sheehy
An Equality-Oriented Approach to the Admissibility of Similar Fact Evidence in Sexual Assault Prosecutions
-- David M. Tanovich
Raising the Age of Sexual Consent: The Renewing of Legalistic Moralism?
-- Julie Desrosiers
What’s in a Face? Demeanour Evidence in the Sexual Assault Context
-- Natasha Bakht
Limits of a Criminal Justice Response: Trends in Police and Court Processing of Sexual Assault
-- Holly Johnson
HIV Exposure as Assault: Progressive Development or Misplaced Focus?
-- Alison Symington
All That Glitters Is Not Gold: The False Promise of Victim Impact Statements
-- Rakhi Ruparelia
Confronting Restorative Justice in Neo-Liberal Times: Legal and Rape Narratives in Conditional Sentencing
-- Gillian Balfour and Janice Du Mont
A Feminist Remedy for Sexual Assault: A Quest for Answers
-- Constance Backhouse

-- Jane Doe