Short Stories by Thomas Murtha

Short Stories by Thomas Murtha

By Thomas Murtha

Edited by: William Murtha

280 Pages · January 1 1980

Paper ISBN: 9782760343412

PDF ISBN: 9780776608655

ePub ISBN: 9780776608662

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This is a collection of the published and previously unpublished short stories by Thomas Murtha, a Canadian writer born and raised in Ontario. Murtha was one of the notable experimental writers of the 1920s, but his work has been largely ignored by literary historians. Thomas Murtha was a classmate and colleague of other notable Canadians including former prime minister Paul Martin, Morley Callaghan, and Raymond Knister. Callaghan, Murtha, and Knister greatly influenced each others' work. Complete with a biographical introduction from Murtha's son, William, this collection provides insight into the work and life of one of Canada's most talented writers. 

Published Stories
  1.  Susie and Perce
  2. The Little Jew Card Player
  3. Story from a Millyard
  4. Smart Work
  5. A Friend of the Family
  6. Crossed with Glory
  7. Man's Mate
  8. A Present for the Woman
  9. Sharp Awakening 
Unpublished Stories
  1. The Last Evening
  2. The Reward
  3. The Duck Hunt
  4. Barber Shop Monarch
  5. On the Detour 
  6. A Problem in Honour
  7. The Riddle
  8. She Was Their Sister
  9. Fifteen Cent Keyhole
  10. November
  11. Edna
  12. The Amateurs
  13. Iola Writes
  14. Unrest
  15. The Descendants 
     An Experiment: Review of the Sound and the Fury (April 5, 1930)