Sport Policy in Canada

Sport Policy in Canada

Edited by: Lucie Thibault, Jean Harvey

435 Pages · December 17 2013

Paper ISBN: 9780776621265

PDF ISBN: 9780776620954

ePub ISBN: 9780776620961

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Sport Policy in Canada
Section I – An Overview of Sport Policy in Canada
Chapter I – The evolution of federal sport policy from 1960 to today, Lucie Thibault and Jean Harvey 
Chapter II – Multi-Level Governance and Sport Policy in Canada, Jean Harvey
Chapter III – Canada and Sport for Development and Peace, Bruce Kidd
Section II – The Canadian Sport Policy and its Impact on the Sport System
Chapter IV – High Performance Sport and the Canadian Sport Policy, Lisa M. Kikulis
Chapter V – Athlete Development and Support, Lucie Thibault and Kathy Babiak
Chapter VI – Sport Participation, Peter Donnelly
Section III - Policy Issues
Chapter VII – Olympic Ideals Versus the Performance Imperative: The History of Canada’s Anti-Doping Policies , Rob Beamish
Chapter VIII – Hosting Policies of Sport Events in Canada, Cora McCloy and Lucie Thibault
Chapter IX – The Double Helix: Aboriginal People and Sport Policy in Canada, Janice Forsyth and Vicky Paraschak
Chapter X – Policy on Sport for the Disabled, P. David Howe
Chapter XI – Women in Sport Policy, Parissa Safai
Chapter XII – Official Languages and the Canadian Sport System: Steady Progress, Constant Vigilance Needed, Graham Fraser
Chapter XIII – Sport and Social Inclusion, Wendy Frisby and Pam Ponic