Sport Policy in Canada

Sport Policy in Canada

Edited by: Lucie Thibault, Jean Harvey

435 Pages · December 17 2013

Paper ISBN: 9780776621265

PDF ISBN: 9780776620954

ePub ISBN: 9780776620961

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Sport Policy in Canada provides the first and most comprehensive analysis of the new Canadian Sport Policy adopted in 2012. In light of this new policy, the authors, top scholars in the field, provide detailed accounts of the most salient sport policies and programs, while also discussing issues and challenges facing policy makers.

In Canada and around the world, the last decades have known a sharp increase in state intervention and public funding in pursuit of medals on the international stage and in support of a more active lifestyle. Governments at all levels have made substantial investments in hope of hosting major sporting events to benefit from the economic impact and gain international prestige.The study of sport policies, often neglected in the past, is becoming an increasingly important research topic. Sport Policy in Canada seeks to fill this void by offering the most comprehensive analysis of sport policy since Macintosh, Bedecki, and Franks' Sport Policy in Canada (1987). 

Section I – An Overview of Sport Policy in Canada
Chapter I – The evolution of federal sport policy from 1960 to today, Lucie Thibault and Jean Harvey 
Chapter II – Multi-Level Governance and Sport Policy in Canada, Jean Harvey
Chapter III – Canada and Sport for Development and Peace, Bruce Kidd
Section II – The Canadian Sport Policy and its Impact on the Sport System
Chapter IV – High Performance Sport and the Canadian Sport Policy, Lisa M. Kikulis
Chapter V – Athlete Development and Support, Lucie Thibault and Kathy Babiak
Chapter VI – Sport Participation, Peter Donnelly
Section III - Policy Issues
Chapter VII – Olympic Ideals Versus the Performance Imperative: The History of Canada’s Anti-Doping Policies , Rob Beamish
Chapter VIII – Hosting Policies of Sport Events in Canada, Cora McCloy and Lucie Thibault
Chapter IX – The Double Helix: Aboriginal People and Sport Policy in Canada, Janice Forsyth and Vicky Paraschak
Chapter X – Policy on Sport for the Disabled, P. David Howe
Chapter XI – Women in Sport Policy, Parissa Safai
Chapter XII – Official Languages and the Canadian Sport System: Steady Progress, Constant Vigilance Needed, Graham Fraser
Chapter XIII – Sport and Social Inclusion, Wendy Frisby and Pam Ponic