Stigma Revisited

Stigma Revisited

Implications of the Mark

Edited by: Stacey Hannem, Chris Bruckert

214 Pages · 9x6 · October 6 2012

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Stigma Revisited
Preface by Robert Gaucher
Chapter One: Speaking out: Down out and Crazy - Nicholas Little
Chapter Two: Theorising Stigma and the Politics of Resistance: Symbolic and Structural Stigma in Everyday Life - Stacey Hannem
Chapter Three: The Mark of Racialization: Afghan-Canadian Men Negotiation Stigma Post September 11th - Vajmeh Tabibi with Stacey Hannem
Chapter Four: The Mark of ‘Disreputable’ Labour: Workin’ it: Sex Workers Negotiate Stigma - Chris Bruckert
Chapter Five: The Mark of Sexual Deviance: What Keeps Men Who Have Sex with Men Up at Night? - Kevin Walby
Chapter Six: The Mark of Association: Transferred Stigma, and the Families of Male Prisoners - Stacey Hannem
Chapter Seven: The Mark of Mental Illness: ‘Slashing’ and Managing the Stigma of a Scarred Body - Jennifer M. Kilty
Chapter Eight: Speaking Out: On Being a Nigger - Charles Huckelbury, Jr.
Chapter Nine: The Mark of Criminality: Rejections and Reversals, Disclosure and Distance – Stigma and the Ex Prisoner - Melissa Munn
Chapter Ten: Speaking out: A Poem and Conversation - ‘Crazzy’ Dave Dessler
Chapter Eleven: Concluding Thoughts
Academic Activists: A Call to Action - Stacey Hannem and Chris Bruckert
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