Stigma Revisited

Stigma Revisited

Implications of the Mark

Edited by: Stacey Hannem, Chris Bruckert

214 Pages · 9x6 · October 6 2012

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Stigma Revisited: Implications of the Mark is a collection of qualitative, empirical studies of populations who experience stigma. Discrimination, marginality and social injustice are recognized as indelibly tied to the phenomena of stigma. This volume builds on the work of Erving Goffman and integrates a larger, structural understanding of stigma based in Michel Foucault’s governmentality writings.

Contemporary notions of risk, riskiness and danger are linked to the labelling of “deviant” populations in the name of social control and risk management; these labels result in the institutional and systemic perpetuation of stereotypes and stigmatic attitudes. The research presented in this book addresses the individual experience of symbolic stigma as well as the collective impact of structural stigma. With unique, personal vignettes that position each of the academic contributors in relation to their subjects, this collection of essays challenges social science researchers to understand their own role in reproducing and contesting hegemonic discourses that stigmatize and marginalize.
Preface by Robert Gaucher
Chapter One: Speaking out: Down out and Crazy - Nicholas Little
Chapter Two: Theorising Stigma and the Politics of Resistance: Symbolic and Structural Stigma in Everyday Life - Stacey Hannem
Chapter Three: The Mark of Racialization: Afghan-Canadian Men Negotiation Stigma Post September 11th - Vajmeh Tabibi with Stacey Hannem
Chapter Four: The Mark of ‘Disreputable’ Labour: Workin’ it: Sex Workers Negotiate Stigma - Chris Bruckert
Chapter Five: The Mark of Sexual Deviance: What Keeps Men Who Have Sex with Men Up at Night? - Kevin Walby
Chapter Six: The Mark of Association: Transferred Stigma, and the Families of Male Prisoners - Stacey Hannem
Chapter Seven: The Mark of Mental Illness: ‘Slashing’ and Managing the Stigma of a Scarred Body - Jennifer M. Kilty
Chapter Eight: Speaking Out: On Being a Nigger - Charles Huckelbury, Jr.
Chapter Nine: The Mark of Criminality: Rejections and Reversals, Disclosure and Distance – Stigma and the Ex Prisoner - Melissa Munn
Chapter Ten: Speaking out: A Poem and Conversation - ‘Crazzy’ Dave Dessler
Chapter Eleven: Concluding Thoughts
Academic Activists: A Call to Action - Stacey Hannem and Chris Bruckert
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