Tips on Submitting a Successful Proposal

Let’s face it—authors face a lot of competition out there. Publishers receive many more manuscripts than they are able to publish, so they must choose the most promising proposals.

So... how can you make a first good impression and increase your chances of securing a publication contract?

Start with the basics

Provide a comprehensive proposal by ensuring it includes:     

  • A fully completed UOP submission form 
  • The curriculum vitae of each author or book editor
  • The table of contents
  • The introduction and first chapter         

Note: UOP will not accept incomplete proposals.

Provide information that will help your proposal stand out    

  • Fill in all required fields and provide as much information as possible—we can work only with the information we have.    
  • Do your homework:     
    • Talk to colleagues to find out if they would consider your book for their courses and, if so, include this information in your proposal.     
    • Identify potential production subsidies, such as faculty or departmental funding.     
    • Identify your book's key selling points. 
  • Be compelling—explain clearly and convincingly:     
    • Why your book should be published;
    • How it advances knowledge;
    • How it differs from similar books;     
    • The UOP series your book might be published in, and the reasons why.
  • If you’ve already completed the first draft of your manuscript, submit it along with your proposal to save time later on. Please provide the manuscript in one single .doc or .docx (Word) file. You may submit a PDF document at this stage; however, you’ll eventually need to provide a .doc or .docx file if your proposal is accepted for publication.

 Please send your project proposal package in a single email to the UOP acquisition editor.